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There are the new features in Bing homepage. It is Bing homepage quizzes. Bing offers daily quiz to Bing homepage for all users of Bing. Today, once you visit Bing, you are going to see a graduation cap icon that leads to three questions quiz.

By the way, are you a quiz addict? We think that if you are interested with a game of quiz, so you are able to try to test your knowledge in Bing homepage quizzes. Then that quiz make Bing know how you are really know about the news. Apparently, this new features on Bing can make lots of people more interested to visit Bing.

We get information that Microsoft has been testing a daily quiz on Bing homepage for the past month. Then, in a blog post, Microsoft says that now once you visit, you will view a graduation cap icon. If you hover over it, so the first question about the image of the day will appears. Then, you are able to select an answer. Next, you are going to find out whether you guessed correctly or not. Please, complete the three-question quiz to make you get a high score. Your score can you share on your social media site. Or you can also keep going with the quiz fun by taking quizzes from previous days.

Do you know how to use Bing homepage quizzes? If you are really interest to play a daily quiz on Bing, there are some easy steps that you have to do. At the first step, of course, you need to go to Please, wait a few minute until the Bing homepage show an icon with a scholastic cap on it. The next step that you have to do to use Bing homepage quizzes is to click on said icon. Then, you are going to see the question of Bing homepage quiz. Usually, you will find a short question with three options. So, let us try to play that Bing homepage quiz and strive to be the winner. In this Bing homepage quiz, you have to complete that three-question quiz. We hope you are able to get a high score. After you get your score, then your score can you share on your favorite social media site.

In the homepage of Bing, there is also Weekly quiz. If you are interested to play Bing weekly quiz, go to the Do not forget to change your search settings to English. Then, you are able to open the carousel by tapping the icon at the bottom of your screen. If you see Bing logo tagged “Bing Weekly Quiz”, so you are able to tap or click it. Finally you are able to join with that Bing weekly quiz. You are going to get the entertainment and the fun experience from the weekly Bing. For your information, there are seven questions and you have to answer all those questions correctly to make you can get a high score.

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