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To make their users engaging during they are surfing in Bing, Bing has some quizzes that users can answer. The questions are various. It can be about celebrity, geography, and many more. One of the quizzes is a homepage quiz that you can find by hover over a graduation cap icon in the Bing homepage.

If you hover over on it, then you will get first question about the image of the day appears. Then, you have to answer it and you will find out whether you answered it correctly. If you are able to complete the questions of the quiz, you are able to get a score and then you are able to share on your fave social media site you are also able to keep going with the quiz fun by taking quizzes from previous days.

Where can we get the other quizzes? You are able to get more quizzes by going to three lines at the upper right side of the screen and then click that. After you click that, you will see some menu such as Settings, My Saves, Search History, My Places, Fun & Games, Feedback, SafeSearch and many more. To take more quizzes, you have to choose Fun & Games and then you will be directed to a page where there are some options of games and quizzes that you are able to choose. For quizzes, you will find News Quiz, Celebrity Quiz, Homepage Quiz, Surprise Me and Geography Quiz.

If you are looking for Bing Quiz Patrimoine, you are able to find it in Geography Quiz, Surprise Me, or News Quiz. If you like reading everything about something heritage, it will be easier for you to answer the questions. So, you are able to try to test your knowledge about heritage or patrimoine by taking the quiz. Here, we have some examples of quizzes about heritage or patrimoine.

1. The famous statue of ‘David’ was carved by which Renaissance artist?

a. Michelangelo                    c. Raphael

b. Leonardo da Vinci           d. Donatello

2. What gallery would one visit to see Botticelli’s famous painting ‘La Primavera’?

a. The Vatican Museum      c. Uffizi Gallery

b. Borghese Gallery             d. The Louvre

3. Les Demoiselles D’Avignon is a 1907 work by which artist?

a. Paul Cezanne                     c. Gustav Klimt

b. Pablo Picasso                    d. Henri Matisse

4. Benjamin Baker and John Fowler designed which famous bridge?

a. Sydney Harbour Bridge  c. Golden Gate Bridge

b. London Bridge                 d. Forth Bridge

If you have answered all of the questions, then click on Get Score and then you will be given your score. You are able to click on Reply to take the quiz again. Or, if you want, you are also able to share your score of the quiz by clicking Facebook or Twitter based on what social media that you want to use.

Have you studied today? You can take this quiz just for fun, for spending your spare time or even to test your knowledge. If you want to test your knowledge about heritage, then choose this kind of quiz in Bing.

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