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Now, at the homepage of Bing, it has the quizes that you can join to answer. By the way, do you interested to play the quiz in Bing? When you are at this page, you may want to know some information about one of quizzes in Bing named Bing quiz nature.

In this case, if you want to take the daily quiz on Bing, so you need to go to the Bing site at After that, at the homepage of the Bing site, you should see an icon with a scholastic cap on it. Then, you need to click on said icon. Next, you are going to be given a short question with three options on it. While you are free to answer the one question Microsoft suggests, there are two other questions that promptly show themselves after the first is correctly answered.

If you want to try to join the Bing quiz nature, of course you need to learn more about nature or science. I means that you should have good knowledge about the nature and science. On this Bing quiz nature, you have to answer the questions related nature and science. By the way, do you really want to try your knowledege about nature on this Bing quiz nature? As we said before that you have to prepare yourself to answer all questions which related nature and science. For this case, you do not worry about that because here in this page, we are going to share some questions for Bing Quiz Nature.

Now, you may want to join the nature trivia quiz in Bing. So, you are able to learn these answer below to make you can get the high score.


1. What was the last name of the Canadian farmer who cultivated a wild apple he found on his property in 1796?

A: McIntosh.

2. How many of every 1,000 species that have ever lived on Earth are still alive?

A: One.

3. What was the most lethal infectious disease of 1990?

A: Pneumonia.

4. What occurred in the Atacama Desert for the first time in 400 years, in 1971?

A: Rain.

5. What’s the most concentrated source of energy in a diet–carbohydrates, fat or protein?

A: Fat.

6. What jungle-dwelling primates are most likely to break bones falling out of trees?

A: Orangutans.

7. What Hawaiian volcano first erupted in the 1970s and has done so regularly since 1983?

A: Kilauea.

8. What insect depends the most upon sight, rather than sound, to locate mates?

A: The firefly.

9. What poisonous snake’s black, red and yellow bands are mimicked in the harmless milk snake?

A: The coral snake’s.

10. What South American member of the raccoon family do pet store owners often call a “honey-bear”?

A: The kinkajou.

Well, the text above is an explanation about nature trivia quiz questions and answer. After you read the text above, we are sure that you are able to get a high score in Bing quiz nature.

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