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Bing Weekly Quiz 06 Mei 2023

Bing Weekly Quiz: Update on May 06 2023

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What famous stone was brought to London for King Charles' coronation?

London for King Charles' coronation

2 / 10

Which music retailer announced its return to the flagship Oxford Street store?

3 / 10

Which country signed a £1.9 billion contract with the UK arm of missile manufacturer MBDA?

missile manufacturer MBDA

4 / 10

Who became the first person ever to hit a 147 in a World Snooker final?

5 / 10

Which health research organisation in the UK designed an AI tool to identify cancer?

6 / 10

Which broadcaster launched an emergency pop-up radio service for Sudan?

7 / 10

Which team won the women's Six Nations rugby grand slam decider?

8 / 10

Which movie became the first global billion-dollar film of 2023?

9 / 10

Which social media service will charge a 10% fee for subscription content?

10 / 10

Which Harry Potter actress is expecting her first baby?

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Bing Weekly Quiz Update on 18 February 2023

Bing Weekly Quiz: Update on February 18, 2023

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What is the name of Ferrari's new F1 car?

new F1 car fan art

2 / 10

Which famous female football player will be honoured with a football pitch named after her?

All famous female football player

3 / 10

Who won Artist of the Year at the Brit Awards?

the Brit Awards 2023

4 / 10

Who won Super Bowl LVII?

Super Bowl LVII

5 / 10

Who won gold in park skateboarding at the World Championships in Sharjah, UAE?

park skateboarding at the World Championships in Sharjah

6 / 10

Which DC film trailer premiered during the 2023 Super Bowl?

DC film trailer premiered during the 2023 Super Bowl

7 / 10

Which pair just won the Four Continents Figure Skating Championships in Ice Dance?

Ice Dance championship

8 / 10

Who took over as world's best golfer at the WM Phoenix Open?

WM Phoenix Open

9 / 10

Which Marvel movie star revealed anxiety over making social posts?

all Marvel black widows cast

10 / 10

Which manufacturer will provide 250 aircrafts manufactured in UK to Air India?

london aircraft manufacturing

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The average score is 48%

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Bing Weekly Quiz - Outdated from February 11, 2023

Note: On this week the topic about 'News Quiz'

There are 20 questions you need to answer, Let's Roll!!

Just Click 'Start Quiz' button below

Bing’s weekly quiz is one of favourite features on Bing, which users can take daily, weekly, or both on a variety of topics. What makes many people interested in the Bing weekly quiz is that Bing will always give them reward points every time they use Bing as their search engine. If you take the weekly quiz on Bing, it’ll automatically give you points.

If you want to know more about Bing’s weekly quiz, including how to take it, how to get reward points on Bing, and anything else related to it, you can dive into our post below. Here you go!

What is Bing End of Week Quiz?

On Bing, there are a variety of quizzes you can take to test your knowledge and skills regarding your interests; one of them is the weekly quiz. The Bing weekly quiz will automatically appear on your dashboard at the end of the week.

The Bing weekly quiz will allow you to answer ten questions (or more or fewer questions) from ten popular trends that occurred during the past week. If you take the quiz, you will get your score at the end of the quiz.

The topics that will appear on the Bing quiz will vary and be random. You will probably get high score on Bing weekly quiz, especially if you follow so many topics on your interest. The more you follow various topics, the higher your quiz score will be since you’ll never know what topic of Bing quiz will appear every week.

For example, if you follow entertainment news, sports news, and other categories, it may be easier for you to answer those questions since these are all connected according to what you read every single day on Bing. In addition, the quizzes on these topics are the perfect test to see how well you remember the news stories of the week you follow.

If you miss the Bing weekly quiz and it no longer appears on your dashboard, you shouldn’t worry since you can still take the quiz regarding the topic of your interest. You can type one topic of a quiz on the Bing search bar, e.g., “Bing news quiz.” Afterwards, the weekly quiz about news will automatically appear on Bing, and you can then complete the quiz.

What Are Benefits of Taking Bing Weekly Quiz?

When it comes to the benefits of taking Bing weekly quiz, there is no doubt that any quiz on knowledge will affect positively on anyone who takes it. So far, Bing weekly quiz is such a great way for those of you who want to test their knowledge regarding the topics you’re interested in.

With Bing’s weekly quiz, you can also test your memory of the events around you. It’ll be easy for you to put your knowledge to the test with a variety of categories you can choose from, such as technology, sport, entertainment, culture, travel, and many more.

Since Bing Quiz is available daily, you can really take the quiz every day to help you test your education knowledge. However, most questions on Bing quiz related to education in the rest of the world.

By taking the Bing weekly quiz, you will really learn many interesting facts that you would never know by answering every question. You shouldn’t feel unable to answer the questions since each quiz always gives you enough knowledge to help you make informed decisions.

In addition, taking the Bing weekly quiz may change your habit of being more diligent in reading and looking for information on one or more topics you’re interested in since you can always be curious to find the correct answers. Moreover, quizzes can also encourage you to be more confident when discussing the topic in class.

Will You Get Reward Points of Bing Weekly Quiz?

Yes, of course! You can really earn reward points every time you use Bing to take a weekly quiz. In addition, you will get a score after answering your quiz. The points from the weekly quiz will be collected, and you can see how many points you’ve obtained on your Microsoft account.

To get reward points from the Bing weekly quiz, you’ll have to create a Microsoft account since your account will collect them. So, you need to sign into your Microsoft account before taking the Bing weekly quiz. After completing it, you will get points that will be added to your account, so you will know how many points you get from the quiz.

The Bing reward points that have been accumulated can be redeemed for any kind of Microsoft reward, e.g., an Amazon gift card, sweepstakes entries, or other exciting items. It’s important to note that Microsoft Reward, also known as Bing Reward, is not available in all countries.

But it doesn’t matter! Even though you cannot exchange your Bing reward points, the most important thing is to test your knowledge through the reward points that you get from quizzes. The more points you get, the more knowledge you have about something.

How to Take Bing Weekly Quiz?

It’s pretty simple to take the Bing weekly quiz since it is available on your Microsoft account daily. The topic of the quiz will be random every week. If the quiz topic this week is about technology news, the topic next week will be different.

If this is your first time taking the Bing weekly quiz, you can do the following steps:

  • First, go to on your browser or open the Bing search engine in the Microsoft Edge app on your desktop.
  • Once you are at Bing, you need to log into your Microsoft account by clicking the “Sign in” button on the top right corner.
  • Then, you need to enter your email or phone number and password. Then, click “Sign
  • After logging in, you can then go to the Microsoft Rewards section, represented by the Champion Cup icon, and click on it.
  • From the Microsoft Rewards dashboard, you will see a list of Bing’s offers to earn rewards. Here, you will see Bing weekly quiz available. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the topic of the quiz will be random—it could be entertainment news, sports news, or others.
  • To take the quiz, you can click on the available quiz options.
  • Then, it will take you to the Bing weekly quiz page, and you can now answer the questions on the quiz.
  • In the end after completing the quiz, you will get notified of how much you get Microsoft points and you’ll be prompted to check your dashboard for more ways to earn.
  • That’s how to take Bing weekly quiz available. Sometimes, you may not find the Bing weekly quiz on your Microsoft Rewards dashboard. If it happens, you can instead do a search on Bing by typing a specific topic of quiz, for example “Bing entertainment quiz” on the Bing search bar. If the quiz can still be accessed, it will appear on your Bing screen.

Sample of Today’s Bing Entertainment Quiz

Today, Bing provides an entertainment news quiz, which is such a fun way to test your knowledge of pop culture, movie trivia, and TV. If you successfully complete the Bing entertainment quiz and get 10 reward points, you may have a bigger chance of earning a Microsoft Award.

The Bing Entertainment Quiz consists of multiple-choice questions about movies, celebrities, music artists, TV shows, and many more, based on the top trending search results from Bing Search. Since there are no time limits or scores, you can really play this game as much as you want.

Bing’s weekly entertainment news quiz today consists of seven questions. Here they are:

Question 1:

Kim Petras made history as the first transgender woman to win a Pop Duo Grammy. Where is she from?


A. Canada

B. France

C. Germany

Correct Answer: C. Germany

Question 2:

While Beyoncé set a record for Grammy wins, this artist took home the award for Album of the Year…


A. Taylor Swift

B. Adele

C. Harry Styles

Correct Answer: C. Harry Styles

Question 3:

Which legendary actor admitted that when she was younger, she suffered from an eating disorder?


A. Rita Moreno

B. Jane Fonda

C. Viola Davis

Correct Answer: B. Jane Fonda

Question 4:

An AI-generated ‘Seinfeld’ parody was suspended by Twitch due to…


A. Transphobic jokes

B. Racist jokes

C. Antisemitic jokes

Correct Answer: A. Transphobic Jokes

Question 5:

Vanessa Hudgens and professional athlete Cole Tucker just got engaged. What sport does Tucker play?


A. Golf

B. Baseball

C. Football

Correct Answer: B. Baseball

Question 6:

Reese Witherspoon says that a third ‘Legally Blonde’ movie won’t happen without which actor?


A. Regina King

B. Jennifer Coolidge

C. Bruiser

Correct Answer: B. Jennifer Coolidge

Question 7:

James Cameron says it’s scientifically possible that one of his movies might have ended differently. Which one?


A. Titanic

B. Terminator 2

C. Avatar

Correct Answer: A. Titanic

Sample of Bing News Quiz

In addition to providing today’s Bing quiz, we will also show you another Bing quiz. In this post, we will show you Bing News Quiz that is available in the past week. Bing News Quiz consists of multiple choices about any topics including sport news, celebrities news, country news, etc. The Bing News quiz we’ll show you has 10 questions.

The following are the questions available on Bing news Quiz:

Question 1:

What did NFL icon Tom Brady announce for the second consecutive year?


A. He’s retiring

B. He plans to keep playing

C. New endorsement deal

Correct Answer: A. he’s retiring

Question 2:

A new law in China’s Sichuan province now allows unmarried people to legally do what?


A. Have children

B. Live together

C. Travel abroad

Correct Answer: A. Have children

Question 3:

Up to half a million teachers, civil servants, and train drivers went on strike in which country?


A. United Kingdom

B. Canada

C. Australia

Correct Answer: A. United Kingdom

Question 4:

From which Pennsylvania town did Phil the groundhog just predict six more weeks of winter?


A. Scranton

B. Punxsutawney

C. Philadelphia

Correct Answer: B. Punxsutawney

Question 5:

Australia has decided it will no longer feature what on its paper currency?


A. Australian masked owls

B. Kookaburra

C. British monarchy

Correct Answer: C. British Monarchy

Question 6:

Which ‘70s rock star canceled all upcoming show dates and says his touring career is over?


A. Alice Cooper

B. Ozzy Osbourne

C. Peter Frampton

Correct Answer: B. Ozzy Osbourne

Question 7:

Candy maker Ira ‘Bob’ Born died at age 98. Which seasonal confection was he famous for?


A. Snickers

B. Peeps

C. Candy corn

Correct Answer: B. Peeps

Question 8:

A pink pigeon was rescued from a NYC park. A wildlife group believes it was dyed for use in a…


A. Gender reveal party

B. Magic act

C. Music video

Correct Answer: A. Gender reveal party

Question 9:

A former New Zealand All Blacks player became the team’s first to come out as gay. Which sport?


A. Soccer

B. Rugby

C. Cricket

Correct Answer: B. Rugby

Question 10:

Speaking of sports firsts, which pro league will make its upcoming season available to stream on Apple TV+?


A. Major League Soccer

B. National Hockey League

C. Major League Baseball

Correct Answer: C. Major League Baseball

More Popular Bing Quizzes

You may already know that Bing not only provides weekly quiz that will appear on the user’s profile, but also gives a number of quizzes that you can take daily. Of course, you shouldn’t wait to see the Bing weekly quiz on your Microsoft Rewards dashboard; you can instead take many other quizzes on various topics.

To see popular quizzes on Bing, you can only go to Bing Trivia. Here, you will find a number of Bing quizzes, both weekly quizzes and homepage quizzes. You can also explore more quizzes on the popular Bing Quiz site on various topics, including Movies, Animals, Geography, TV Shows, Vocabulary, Bands. Famous People and Video Games.

The following are some popular quizzes on Bing:

  • Stranger Things
  • The Last Girl Standing
  • College Basketball
  • Father’s Day
  • Stranger Than Fiction
  • Holiday Villains
  • Marvel Movies
  • Interesting Facts about America
  • Cat

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