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Do you think that you are enough smart to answer the quiz of Bing Premier League? If you are the one who have interested in sport, you may will be more familiar with this quiz. Before you decide to join this Bing Premier League quiz, you may look for some information about that.

When you are at this page, you may hope that you are going to get some information regarding Bing Premier League quiz from this article. You do not be regret have come to this page because here we are going to share some example for Bing Premier League quiz. Now, in the text below, you are able to see Bing Premier League quiz about football.


You have to know that Sports trivia regarding the topics like the coaches, players, Cowboys, Dolphins, Jimmy Johnson, Lomabardi, 49ers, and more.

Q: What the native American of the first president of NFL?
A: James Francis Thorpe

Q: What the color flags did NFL officials begin it throwing after abandoning white ones in 1965s?
A: Gold.

Q: Who is the footballer of NFL as one of Brigham Young’s many great grandsons?
A: Jon Steve Young.

Q: How many the football teams from the troubled Southwest Conference which defected to the Big Eight?
A: Four.

Q: What Chicago Bears ran six kickoffs back for touchdowns?
A: The Gale Sayers.

Q: Who is threw a record six touchdown passes in one Super Bowl, in 1995s?
A: Jon Steve Young.

Q: Who is became the leader of NFL’s touchdown in 1994?
A: Jerry Lee Rice Sr.

Q: What the football defensive position which is dubbed a rover/monster?
A: Safety.

Q: What letter starts the moniker of the most AFC football teams?
A: B

Q: What position was played by NFL footballers Luis, Max, Alan, Joaquin, and Tony Zedejas?
A: The kicker.

Q: What is the name for NFL team in wins during the 1980s?
A: The Washington Redskins.

Q: What is the name of NFL team was the first to win the Vince Lombardi trophy?
A: The San Francisco 49ers.

Q: What is the name of NFL team that won the most games in the 1960s?
A: The Green Bay Packers.

Q: Do you know, who was the 2nd head coach in the history of the Dallas Cowboys?
A: Jimmy Johnson.

Q: What Buffalo star rushed for 13,19, and 37 yards in the Super Bowls XXVI, XXVII and XXVIII?
A: Thurman Thomas.

Q: Do you know, who was dubbed as the Little Big Man?
A: Tony Dorsett.

Q: What is the name of team was led to Super Bowls VII, and VIII by their no-name defense?
A: The Miami Dolphins.

Q: What the Division 1A coach took teams to a record 29 bowl games?
A: Bear Bryant

Well, the text above is some example for Bing Premier League quiz about football. Now, you are able to learn it before you really join the quiz.

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