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When you have a job that make you need to access internet, it is better for you to take a small quiz before you surfing in the internet. You can access and then find a homepage quiz to test your knowledge and then find out what good your knowledge is.

The question of the Bing homepage quiz will relate to the image of the day that is found on the homepage of the Bing. The question of the quiz will appear if you hover over on the homepage. Then, you will find the Q icon with the question. If you are able to answer the questions that are given, a three-question quiz will ne launched at the top of a search results page for whatever the correct answer is. Then, the quiz interface will give you the list of the correct answer, further on that topic and the option to answer the next question.

Besides this homepage quiz which is daily, Bing has also weekly news and trends quiz that is posted on Fridays. You are able to find it in the Popular Now carousel that runs across the bottom of the homepage. If you are Bing users who are also members of Bing rewards, you will be able to earn credit by taking these quizzes, and the quiz scores can be shared on social sites.

Kristen Kennedy, the senior editor and Vinay Krishna, the senior program manager said that they want the homepage of Bing to be a source of inspiration for million people and also it can be an entry point to learn more about the world. Furthermore, they said that they are betting on quiz format as the means of driving deeper exploration and serendipitous discovery.

Have you ever taken Bing Friday News Quiz? If you have never taken it, here we have some examples of them.

1. Why did Robert De Niro’s production company sue a former employee?

a. Showing up late

b. Watching Netflix at work

c. Talkin’ to Mr. De Niro

2. Who helped saved a man having a stroke while on the phone?

a. Cable company rep

b. Attorney

c. Robo-caller

3. Which movie star become a newlywed this week?

a. Scarlett Johansson

b.Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson

c. Idris Elba

4. Which word is Ohio State University trying to trademark?

a. A b. Football c. The

5.  Coca Cola said it will start packaging Dasani water in what?

a. Cardboard b. Aluminum c. Glass

6.  Speaking of plastic, which country is preparing to ban plastic bags?

a. US b. Germany c. Mexico

7. Which singer surprised a superfan dad backstage at a concert?

a. Mick Jagger b. Janet Jackson c . Lana Del Rey

8. What happened after two British triathletes held hands across the finish line?

a. A coin was flipped

b. They were disqualified

c. They both won

If you always follow culture, entertainment, technology and other news categories on daily basis, this quiz can be answered correctly by you. This quiz can also be a tool for you to test how well you remember the hot news stories of the week.

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