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AirG is known as the leader in the industry of the mobile software. This company is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia. This one had released the mobile application for the very first time in the year of 2000. Since that period, the products and the services of the company have been used by more than 100 million consumers globally. Some products of the company include telecom software, the social networking service which is created for mobile use, and the suite of multiplayer mobile games and applications.

As stated before, one of the products of AirG is called AirG Mobile Chat. AirG Mobile Chat consists of some chats and communities of AirG. Some of them are AirGTM, Connection Ideas, Latin Connection, AirG Lifestyle Chat, AirG Gamers Chat, AirG Divas Chat, and AirG Movies Chat. AirGTM is known as ‘On-the-go’ chat & IM network. This one supports more than 1000 mobile devices. Connection Ideas is part of the best mobile service for chatting and flirting. Latin Connection is the best service to meet, chat, and flirting lifestyle chat. AirG Lifestyle Chat is for chat, gossip, and share. Basically, this one can spice up your life. AirG Gamers Chat is the online, PS, PC, mobile. This one can be used for chat and exchange tips. AirG Divas Chat is for chat, gossip, and flirt. If you are a diva, this one is for you.

One of the most favorite is called AiG Movies Chat. AirG Movies chat which is also more known as AirG Movistar Chat is a chat for those who love movies. This chat is like a heaven for every movie freak. It is the best place to interact with the other movie lovers. In this platform, you are able to discuss about the movies whether it is new or old. Basically, everything about movies can be discussed in this place, including the actors, the storyline, the settings, the soundtrack, and so on. You can also see some reviews about the movie. This one can help you to watch which movie is worth to watch.

So, which AirG chat do you prefer? Which one attracts you the most? You might have one favorite. It does not matter which chat you love because every of them is best. Hope you find a good time by using the products of AirG.

If you have any questions related to AirG Movistar Chat and AirG in general, please contact the customer care of AirG. You can reach them through some ways. For you who want to look for some information, the easiest way is to visit the official website of AirG. There are some information that you can found so you can visit it anytime. If you want to talk directly to the representative of the customer care of AirG, you can dial +1 604 408 2228. Do not forget to call on workdays and at the work time to get the direct answer. You can also reach them by sending an email to Another alternative is to send a mail to the address which is 1200 – 89 West Georgia Street Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada V6B 0N8.

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