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Webadvisor STCC is known as the online tool for students, faculty, and staff of Springfield Technical Community College. With this kind of online tool, every student of STCC is able to view grades, class schedules, and financial information on WebAdvisor. This one is a place where students can register for courses and make changes to the schedule. Once a student logged in, the WebAdvisor account will be used to log into the campus computers and printers on campus. The other functions of WebAdvisor is to set up the payment plan, waive the health insurance, and request the parking or bus pass on WebAdvisor.

What is the use of WebAdvisor for the faculty and staff? For the faculty and staff, it can be used to view class rosters and schedules, verify the class attendance, assist the advises, and submit the early warnings and student grades. Some other activities like maintaining requests, and so on also can be accessed through WebAdvisor.

How to do STCC Webadvisor login? the first thing you have to do is to click the link to access WebAdvisor. Then, select Log In on the page of WebAdvisor. Please fill out the column of username and password using your own. Filling them out requires some focuses, so please be careful. If it is your first time on logging in, you will be prompted to create the new password. Do not forget to keep the information secure and log out when you are done.

If you forgot your password or face any problems to the point you need a help, it is better for you to not send inquires about WebAdvisor, STCC email accounts, or student registration to the webmaster. Apparently, this kind of thing does not have something to do with them. As the alternative, you can choose choose one of the two options. The first one is to contact the WebAdvisor technical support. Everyone is able to get the technical support by visiting the Helpdesk in building 27 or by dialing 413-755-4016. For your information, this Helpdesk is open on Monday until Friday from 8 AM to 7 PM. For those who want to contact WebAdvisor, please complete all the field before submitting the form. The form consists of some columns that you should fill out with some information such as your first and last name, your date of birth, your address, your phone number, your email address, your question/comment, and so on. After you are done, please hit the blue Submit button. By hitting the Submit button, you will be send the email with the WebAdvisor login information within two business days.

The second one is to set up the account of WebAdvisor. To set up a WebAdvisor account, you have to enroll in the undeclared major and request the WebAdvisor account. this one also requires some information such as your name, your address, your phone number, your birth of date, and more. Make sure to fill them out and please click “Submit Webadvisor ID Request” when you are done.

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