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Holy Family University Webadvisor is known as the web interface owned by Holy Family University. This kind of system can do some things such as accessing your current schedule, accessing your grades, accessing your transcript, viewing your class schedule, registering for classes, dropping your classes, examining the number, and keeping your record secure.

To do some things mentioned above, you have to log into Holy Family WebAdvisor. However, you do not have to log in to search for classes. These following paragraphs are for you who want to learn how to search for sections on Webadvisor Holy Family. The first thing you have to do is to open the Holy Family website main page. There, you have to find ‘WebAdvisor Login’ which is located on the top right hand corner of the page and click it. The next thing you have to do is to click on ‘Student Login’ which is located on the left hand side. As stated before, searching for the classes does not require you to log in. so, you can just simply click on ‘Search for Sections’ which is located underneath the word ‘Registration’. Afterward, you will have to input the parameters of your search. You can start it with term you are looking for. Apparently, there are some different options to make your search more or less specific. Basically, every student has to enter some things such as the subjects, the course levels, and the course number in order to get an idea of the wide range of courses available.

If you are not sure about any of this information input as much as you know and the search will still be successful. Only Extended Learning students would search for a term with letters ‘EL’ in the term. Traditional undergrads should only look to register for courses with four letter codes. Once you entered the fields that you would like to search for, please click Submit button. The most important boxes to review on your results page are the Status which is one of two words will appear in this box – open or closed. This one can indicate whether or not there are any seats available for a student to take the course in the provided term.

For the Section Name and Title, it must be the key information to look for in this box is the letter after the course number because it is specific to the time that each course is given. There is also a Location that informs you where the class will be given, needing information, which provided in this box are the dates which the course will start and finish, the days the course will be conducted on, time of class, what building it’ll be held at on campus, and the room number. As for Please note, it consists of the buildings and room numbers are subject to change. In this case, please always check your schedule on Holy Family WebAdvisor prior to the start of semester for any updated room assignment.

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