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The information about Student Portal is important for the students of West Virginia University (WVU). Nowadays, universities and colleges uses Student Portal to make students easy in accessing their account for class registration, view grades, check schedules and many others. So, knowing how to access Student Portal is important. Are you a student of West Virginia University? We are going to inform you how to access Student Portal of West Virginia University.

The official website of West Virginia University can be accessed at www.students.wvu.edu. When you access this site, you are able to see that there are some menu in the black bar of the site including Announcements, PRT Status, Campus Map, Calendars, Resources, Ask a Question, WVU Portal and Enews. To be able to access Student Portal, you have to click on WVU Portal. Then, you will have to enter your username and password and then press the blue Login button. If you need a help when you try to login, you are able to click on “Need Help?” under the Login button. Then, you will be directed to a page of self-service.

In that page, there are some options of menu such as My Login; Self Service Tools including Claim Account, Change Password, Forgot Password, Reset Account and “Forgot your WVUID?”; West Virginia University including Help, Documentation, and Requests; and also WVU Medicine. My Login is where you are able to check when your account expires or to enroll in two-factor authentication. Claim Account is a menu in which you are able to activate a new login account and set an initial password. Change Password menu is a menu where you are able to change your password. Passwords have to be changed on a regular basis and you can do it through this.

You have to note that when you change your password, notification emails will begin two weeks prior to the expiration of the password. Forgot Password menu is a menu where you are able to reset your password. If you are not able to recall your password but you remember your security questions, this option will help you reset it. Reset Account menu is a menu where you are able to reset your account. If you are locked out of your account and you are not able to remember your challenge questions, you have to own two-factor authentication to reset your account.

Well, if you face some problems when you are trying to login or you have some questions related to it, you are able to get a help from the team of West Virginia University. There are several ways that you can use to get a help. First, you are able to call them by phone at 304-293-4444. Second, you are able to contact them via email at ITSHelp@mail.wvu.edu. Third, you are also able to contact the Service Desk Self Service. Actually, it is easy to access the Student Portal and you are also able to use it easily because it is designed simply so that students can access it easily.

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