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There are 8 counties and almost 4,192 square miles of territory in rural, north-central California which are reached by Yuba Community College District (YYCD). Yuba College and Woodland Community College provides certificates, degrees and transfer curricula at college campuses in Marysville and Woodland, educational centers in Clearlake and Yuba City and through outreach operations in Williams and on Beale Air Force Base. Yuba Community College District has several strategic goals including:

  • Integrate planning and institutional effectiveness processes within a culture of evidence
  • Increase student success and maximize the student experience through andragogy, curriculum and well-aligned student services programs designed to enhance student learning and completion
  • Complete multi-college district transition in roles, structure, processes and responsibilities
  • Strengthen their CORE (Communication, Organization, Responsibility, Evaluation) as a 21th century, learning-centered organizations; employ, develop and sustain highly professional, qualified faculty and staff
  • Assert regional educational, economic and workforce leadership; prioritize Economic and Workforce Development Programs based on regional, state and national imperatives

In Yuba Community College, they use YCCD Webadvisor to make students easy in accessing their needed information. WebAdvisor is actually a web interface which enable you to get an access to the information which is contained in the administrative database used by your institution. Your institution is also able to cooperate with the other forms of Webadvisor that are made by your institution to provide a web presence which is complete and get its functional and strategic goals.

So, what can students do at YC YCCD Edu Webadvisor ?There, students can add and drop courses, request a refund of fees, pay your fees, get an unofficial transcript and change your address or phone. If you want to do those things, you need to login first to the WebAdvisor. When logging in, you will be required to enter your WebAdvisor ID and also your password. The first initial of your last name which is capitalized + your 7 digit Student ID number is your WebAdvisor ID. However, if you do not know your Student ID, you are able to search for your User Name based on your last name and your SSN.

Then, how about password? The password is your first letter of your legal first name which is uppercase + first letter of your legal last name which is lowercase + last 4 digits of your Social Security Number ( if there is no SSN, you can use the last 4 digits of Colleague ID#) + 2 digit designation of your birth month. If you need some help when you are trying to log in or you have any question and help access the online system, you can click Contact Us in the page of YCCD Webadvisor.

Well, that’s all the information about Yuba Community College District. Hopefully, this brief information can be beneficial for you and you can use WebAdvisor of YCCD well. Thank you for reading this and do not forget to read the other articles in this site. If you think this information is important, you can also share it to others.

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