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Shenandoah University is a university which was established in 1875. It is a university which blends professional career experiences with liberal education. They invite you to join their close-knot community which is rich in creative energy and intellectual challenge. Educating and inspiring students to be lifelong learners; critical, reflective thinkers; and ethical, compassionate citizens who have commitment to making responsible contributions is the goal of this university.

This university will be nationally recognized for forward thinking programs which generate competitive and purposeful graduates. There are almost 4,000 students across more than 100 academic programs in 7 different schools. Studying in this university, you will be taught by accomplished professors who provide you with focused, individual attention, all the while leading several programs to highly nationally ranked. At this University, faculty also will know you by name, and you will get the encouragement and support that you look for as you aspire to reach your goals and plans for the future. When you visit WebAdvisor and then you want to do something via your WebAdvisor account, you need to log in first. In the WebAdvisor page, you find Log In button in the top right of the page, so just click that first. Then, you will be brought to a log in page where you will need to enter your User ID and Password.

For giving maximum service, Shenandoah University provides WebAdvisor. In SU Webadvisor, you will be able to access information which contain in the administrative database which is used by Shenandoah University. It is the same as CampusWeb where it consists of the forms and supporting infrastructure to extract and deliver information from the database to your desktop browser. You are able to register for sections, search for classes, view admission status, apply for the Financial Aid, plan your course and much more.

For User ID field, you have to enter with your Shenandoah University’s network account name. It is also referred to as your domain user name when you access Outlook Web access through the internet. If you are not able to determine your account user name, then you need to contact Institutional Computing help desk at 540-665-5555. Then, how about password? For password field, you can fill in the same as your network password. If you are a new student, you should be notified of the network username and password from Admission Office. If you forget your password, feel free to contact Institutional Computing Help Desk to be reset.

When you use WebAdvisor, have you got multiple login attempt error? Usually, you will get multiple login attempt error if your login in fail for 3 consecutive times. If it happens, you can contact Institutional Computer help desk for getting some help. If you find other problems but you cannot find the answer in the FAQ of Shenandoah Webadvisor, you can email jbodine@su.edu. Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, it really can be helpful and informative for you especially for students who are new in using Shenandoah WebAdvisor.

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