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South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is a public institution that located in Rapid City, South Dakota, United States. Commonly, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology referred to as SDSMT, Mines, or Tech. Based on the research, this public institution was established in 1885. It governed by the South Dakota Board of Regents. The president of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is Dr. James M. Rankin (2017-Present).

By the way, in this time we are going to discuss about SDSMT Webadvisor. If you are part of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSMT), we think you have already understood about the functions of using Webadvisor SDSMT. But, for you who are a new user of Webadvisor SDSMT maybe you still need more information related Webadvisor SDSMT. Based on that case, we suggest you to read this article until finish and let us know about Webadvisor SDSMT.


You have to know that Webadvisor SDSMT is a tool or online access which is specially designed for the student, faculty or the staffs of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSMT) to view SDSMT’s database. By using Webadvisor SDSMT, the student, faculty or the staffs of South Dakota School of Mines & Technology (SDSMT) can view all information that they needed.


To access Webadvisor SDSMT, firstly you must have an account of Webadvisor SDSMT. After you have Webadvisor SDSMT account, then you can login to your Webadvisor SDSMT account by entering your user id and password. Please enter your user id and password when you will login your Webadvisor SDSMT account. In other case, if you forget about your password, so you do not worry because it can be solved easily. Here, you have to click “Forgot Password” link. After that, you just need to confirm email to reset password or to get back your password.


As the student, you can use Webadvisor SDSMT to view the information on courses or financial aid, print your transcripts, do admission status check and view the official contact information. Besides that, as the student you can also use Webadvisor SDSMT to register for classes, drop and add courses, view your course schedule, and more. Then, as the faculty, you can use Webadvisor SDSMT to enter the grades, check class rosters, view the results of Course evaluation and more.

In addition, in this article, we will also share how to enter grades for the faculty by using Webadvisor SDSMT. Let us see its way in the text below.

  1. At the first step, you have to log on to Webadvisor SDSMT by using your WebAdvisor SDSMT account and password correctly.
  2. Then, please select “Grading” from the full Faculty Menu.
  3. After that, please select the appropriate term.
  4. The next step, you can select “Final Grading”.
  5. Please enter one or more grades.
  6. The last, you have to click “Submit”.

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