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In 1964, State Center Community College District, or we can call it SCCCD, was established. This college serves almost 1.7 million people and 22 unified and high school districts in more than 5,743 square miles of urban and rural territory and it includes most of Fresno and Madera counties and portions of Kings and Tulare counties. Seven-member board of trustees who represent seven trustee areas govern this college. In 2016, there are total district enrollment for the fall semester which is more than 50,000 students. This college has more than 2,500 faculty and classified staff. SCCCD has commitment to encouraging the colleges in their efforts to promote exemplary educational chances and to provide inclusive, safe, and supportive learning environments and those will lead to student success and global competitiveness that will transform their region.

State Center Community College offers Scccd Webadvisor. It can be accessed in the website of the SCCCD by clicking My Portal in the top left side of the page. Then, you will be directed to the POrtal page. There, find the Student Links which you can find in the left side of the page and then click WebAdvisor if you want to access it. When you click that, you will be directed to the WebAdvisor page. For students, faculty and employees, they can log in at upper right hand corner to access WebAdvisor. When you click Log In, you will be directed to the Log In page. There, you have to enter your username and your password as well. In addition, you also have to click on one of the options whether you are student or employee. If you have entered those fields, do not forget to click Login button. For students, you have to note that your login username is your student ID number and your password is your first initial (upper case), your last last initial (lower case) and your 6-digit date of birth. Let’s take an example. If there is a student named Maria Smith who was born on January 1, 1997 and has a student ID number of 04321567.So, he login information will be:
Username: 04321567
Password: Ms010197
For employees, the rule of login is different. Their username and password are the same as you use to access your district email account.

When you access www webadvisor scccd edu, you may want to reset your password. It can happen if you forgot the password. To do that, you can click “Problem Logging In?” under the login fields. Then, click Reset Student Password and click “Forgot Password?”. And you will need to enter your username and then click Continue. The feature of Password Reset depends on the phone number and/ or email address that you inserted into WebAdvisor to work correctly. If you are dealing with problem when you reset your password, you can contact the student help desk at 1 844-887-2223 to have your password reset. This student help desk can be accessed 24/7 for your convenience. If you have got access to your account, log into WebAdvisor and update your personal information. Note that updates to personal information in WebAdvisor will take up to 24 hours to be available. So, be patient.

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