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Are you one of the students of Manhattanville College? Of the answer to the question is yes, then you must be so lucky as your college wants every best thing for you. What does the sentence mean? Find out the answer by reading this entire article.

Manhattanville College wants to get every student of them acquainted with the online self service applications that you can use to register for courses, view the term schedules, final grades, tuition status, unofficial transcript, and demographic profile, view the status of accepted transfer credits, submit the faculty evaluations, and so on. This college provides the technical support and enhance the registration and records management through the use of technology. To support all of them, Manhattanville College provides it with the secure online self service portal named Mville Webadvisor. Do you want to know more about it? please read this entire article below.

Aside from the things mentioned before, WebAdvisor Mville also hosts the College’s online Schedule of Classes. Fortunately, this kind of thing is open to the public. It means that all students of Manhattanville College are required to setup access to WebAdvisor Mville and use the system.

To do one of the activities mentioned in the first paragraph, you have to log into Mville Edu Webadvisor first. Then, how to log into it? It is very easy. First of all, you have to open the official website of Manhattanville. You have to click on “WebAdvisor” from the “Manhattanville” or “Student Quick Links”. Then, click the Log In link that located in the top tool bar. There are two columns that you should fill. The first one is the username and the second one is the password. You can use the username you used for the Self Service Password Utility. Usually, it consists of your full last name plus the first initial of your first name. The same thing goes to the password. Apparently, you can use the same secure password you also created in the Self Service Password Utility.

As stated on the official website of WebAdvisor Manhattanville, this kind of WebAdvisor is not only for students purpose. Apparently, the faculty and the staff also can use this software. in addition, you are also can access the site even if you are not a part of students, faculty, or staff. Basically, everyone, including the prospective students and visitors can visit it. However, the way to access the site is slightly different. For the students, faculty, and staff, as stated before, you have to click the “Log In” link that located to the right of the “Manhattanville College” banner. As for the prospective students and visitors, you can click the “Prospective Students” button. In this case, a log in is not required.

If you face any technical issues and errors, please contact the IT Department by filling out the trouble ticket. If you have some issues that related to the grades, the registration, and the course schedules, please contact Register Office at 914 323 53337.

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