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The existence of WebAdvisor in a college is important for students, staff and faculty because it can make them easier in accessing and doing something related to their business in the college. In Hartwick College, you will also find this program. We are going to discuss about it but before we go further to talk about Hartwick Webadvisor, now let’s talk about this college first.

To integrate a liberal arts education with experimental learning to give inspiration to curiosity, personal courage, creativity, critical thinking, and enduring passion for learning is mission of Hartwick College. Its aim as a college of the liberal arts and science is to educate people who will thrive in and contribute to the world of the future; people who are prepared to meet the personal, intellectual and social challenges of a rapidly changing and increasingly independent world. The graduates of Hartwick will be noted as being able to thrive in a world of global interdependence in which people of the broadest range of national, social, ethnic, and personal backgrounds will interact personally and technologically.

Now, let’s talk about WebAdvisor. The existence of WebAdvisor in Hartwick College can give students, staff, and the community access to the database of Hartwick College. For example, students will be able to make a payment, check schedules, view grades and so on. For you who are new students or new in using WebAdvisor, perhaps you do not know how to login, search for classes and more. Here we are going to give you some tutorials to use Webadvisor Hartwick College.

For logging in, follow the instructions below.

  1. First, you have to access Webadvisor of Hartwick College. You can find the link in the Webadvisor section in the website of Hartwick.
  2. Second, from the Current Students screen, click Log In at the top of the page.
  3. Now, insert your username and network password and then hit the Submit button.
  4. If you successfully log in, you will be back to the Current Students menu.

If you want to search for classes, follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to click Search for Sections under Registration.
  2. Then, choose a term and any additional search criteria (Subjects, Course Levels, etc.). You have to note that choosing a term is required; all other search criteria are optional.
  3. Now, click Submit to view class.

How to check my grades? Here are the instructions.

  1. Click Grades which is located under Academic Profile.
  2. Then, click a checkbox next to the term for which you would like to see grades. You have to note that you can only check one box at a time.
  3. Then, click Submit to view grades for the selected term.

How to view my transcript?

  1. Firstly, you can click Transcript under Academic Profile.
  2. Then, choose Transcript Type UG from the drop down menu.
  3. At last, click Submit to see your Transcript.

Well, those are some steps to use WebAdvisor of Hartwick College. Now, you can use Webadvisor without having to be puzzled anymore.

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