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In 1910, Fresno City College was built and becomes a comprehensive learning community. This college has programs which are innovative and instructional for fulfilling the needs of the diverse population. There are a wide variety of supportive services to help the students in reaching their educational goals. Fresno City College is the first community college in California. It has programs which are quality, innovative and educational and also support services that aims to the enhancement of student success, lifelong learning and the economic, social and cultural development of the student and region. As educational leaders in the community, FCC faculty, staff and students will engage in partnership to transform lives through education. Fresno City College is recognized for some reasons below.

  • Hispanic-Serving Institution
  • Nationally recognized student organizations like Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society
  • Largest nursing program in California
  • Leon S. Peters Honors Program
  • Transfer agreements to select University of California and California State University campuses

In Fresno City College, there is FCC Webadvisor which can help students, staff and faculty to get access information related to campus. To be able to get access to Webadvisor, firstly you can go to the website of Fresno City College. Then, you need to click My Portal. When you are in My Portal page, scroll down and you will find Webadvisor in Student Links. Click the link of Webadvisor and you will be brought to the Webadvisor page. You have to log in to the Webadvisor by clicking Log In in the upper right corner of page. You will be brought to the login page. There, you have to enter your username and password. For username, it is your 7 – digit student ID number and it is also used when you access Canvas, and WiFi. Then, for password, it is your first name initial (upper case) + last name initial (lower case) + date of birth (mmddyy). It is also used when you access Canvas, email and WiFi. After you enter your username in the username field and password in the password field, you have to select whether you are student or employee. Now, hit the Login button. If you are employees, your username and password is the same as you use to access your district email account. If you do not know your student ID, you can click “What’s my student ID#?” in the left side of the page of Webadvisor. Then, you will be directed to the page where you will have to enter your last name and SSN or College ID and then click Submit. You can also change your password by clicking “Change Password” in that page which is located in the right bottom of the page.

You probably deal with some trouble when you try to login whether it is about your passwords, username or others. If so, you are able to call the Student Systems Support Call Center by phone at 1 844 887 2223. You can also go to the page of District Online Support Center in the website of Fresno City College.

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