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Aurora University is an inclusive community which is dedicated to the transformative power of learning. This university traces its origin to the 1893 founding of a seminary in the small town of Mendota, Illinois. At first, this university was established initially to prepare graduates for ministry. But then, the institution immediately adopted a broader mission and moved to a new campus on the western edge of the nearby community of Aurora. The population of the campus swelled again as veterans enrolled in the innovative evening degree program when World War II ended. The 1970s an 1980s saw an expansion of curricular offerings in a number of professional fields and the awarding of advanced degrees in chosen disciplines. Those changes culminated in the 1985 decision of rechristen the institution Aurora University.

Now, Aurora University runs 2 main campuses which are a campus of 37 acres in Aurora, Illinois and the 137.5 acre George Williams College on Geneva Lake in Williams Bay, Wisconsin. This institution registers almost 5,500 degree-seeking students a year on its campuses. Classes are also provided at the Orchard Center in Aurora, Illinois and the Woodstock Center in Woodstock, Illinois.

In order to make students, faculty, staff and also employees easy to access the information that they need or they want to add, Aurora University provides Aurora University Webadvisor. By using webadvisor, students can check their grades, make a payment, register for class, view schedules and more. It can also be used to place a requisition for textbooks for your classes through the AU bookstore. This form can be used to communicate with Information Technology Services about special software required for the labs as well.

If you want to use Aurora Webadvisor, you need to login first. How to do that? Follow the simple steps below.

  1. First, click on Webadvisor on the Aurora University home page.
  2. Then, click Log In.
  3. After that, you have to enter your username and password. Those are provided to the student today for email, etc. If you have entered username and password, do not forget to click Submit.
  4. Now, click on Students menu.

As we mentioned earlier that students can do several things through the webadvisor. If you want to understand your financial aid, after you logging in, you have to click on My Documents to view needed items. And then, you will see a table which show the items that are needed to complete your financial aid file. You can also see your bill. You can see it by clicking “Make a Payment/ View E-Bill”. Then, enter the Webadvisor Aurora University username and password and click Login. It is also where Authorized Users may sign in. You have to note that once you are signed in to the Online Student Account Center, you will see the main page with your balance and eBill amount. To check eBill, you need to click on the “statements” under “My Account”. Then, click “View” to see the eBill. Then, your bill will pop up in a new window. Note that you need to disable the pop up blocker on your computer.

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