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Ashland University was established in 1878 as Ashland College at first. On May 12, 1989, the name was changed to Ashland University. The change of the name was practical and logical step based on the many diverse undergraduate, graduate and professional programs which are offered by the institution. This university goes on having a rich tradition a private, comprehensive institution which prepare students for exciting professions and careers. This university has four academic colleges which consist of Dauch College of Business & Economics, College of Arts & Sciences, Schar College of Education and Schar College of Nursing and Health Sciences and also the the Founders School for Continuing Education; Graduate, Online and Adult Studies; and Ashland Theological Seminary.

Ashland University provides a technology which can be used by the students to access any information such as view grades, make a tuition payment, drop or withdraw class,view schedules and so on. The program is WebAdvisor. It is a web interface which can make you access information which contain in the administrative database. If you want to use Ashland Webadvisor, you need to login. How to login at WebAdvisor? Follow the steps below.

  • First, you have to visit WebAdvisor page of Ashland University.
  • After that, click Log in in the top right of the page.
  • After clicking log in, you will be brought to the log in page. There, you will be required to enter your User ID and also your password. For your information, the User ID of yours is your campus username which you usually use to log in to computer on campus or to access Angel, email, or other IT facilities. If you do not know, you can click on Account Information and then click on “What’s My User ID?”. For password, if it is your first time users, so your password is “au-” plus your student ID number. Then, you may be directed to change it.
  • After you enter your User ID and also your password, then click Submit.

You are probably curious about the browsers that you can use to access Ashland University Webadvisor. You can use any browsers as long as it can supports the HTML 4.0 standard. Then, the browser also must have Javascript enabled and be set to accept cookies. Browsers which can you use such as Safari, Internet Explorer, and Mozilla. If you are getting slow response to your WebAdvisor queries, it can be caused by some problems. Sometimes, it occurs because an increase in the response time which is related to traffic over the communication lines. WebAdvisor uses the campus Intranet, the Internet or both, it depends on the location. The number of users on any portion of the systems will slow the response time for everyone as well. A user who is downloading large files will drastically increase response time for all other users on the network, too. If you continue to experience poor performance during usage periods, you can notify the Technical Support Center at 419 289 5405 or toll free at 866 434 5222.

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