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Are you a new student of UMUC? You have to learn more about the UMUC Student Portal. It is an online access that specially designed for the students of UMUC. With UMUC Student Portal, there are lots of thing that can do by the students. Besides that, UMUC Student Portal can also use by the staff and faculty of UMUC. Let us talking about that here.

As a new student, you are able to login to UMUC Student Portal by going to the official website of UMUC. After you arrive at the homepage of UMUC Student Portal, then you can see Log in button. Please click on that button so that you will be taken to the page where you can get access to the UMUC Student Portal. On the page of UMUC Student Portal login, you are going to see the button of MyUMUC for Students.

That button is the way for you to reach UMUC Student Portal login. Please click on that button. Then, you will get to the page of UMUC login. There, you are able to see two columns which you need to fill out. The first column is where you need to enter your username and the second column is where you need to enter your password. Now, the first thing which you have to do in logging the UMUC Student portal is enter your username as well your password. If you feel that you have already entered your username and password correctly, so you are able to click on log in button to start login your UMUC student portal. Now, you can look for the information you need such us check your grades, view your scores, check your schedule and more.

What do you do if you cannot remember your username and password account? There is an easy way for you to get rid of forgot username and password. In this case, you are able to click on the link written ‘Forgot your username and password. To retrieve your username, you need to enter your information to request your username. Some information that need to fill out by you are Student ID, email address and word verification.

So, now you have to enter those information correctly. Please enter your Student ID first. Then, enter your email address and the last you have to enter the word verification. The last, you can click on Retrieve username button. Then, Your username is going to be sent to the home e-mail address and the cellular phone number on file in MyUMUC. If you forget your password, you can also click on that link. In resetting your password, you will be offer two options.

If you do not know your current password, you can reset your password by using your username or Student ID or email address. Click on continue button. Then, if you know your current password, so you can reset your password by using your username and current password or username and challenge questions. Click on continue button.

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