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It is important for students of Univerity of Cape Coast (UCC) to know how to access Student Portal. It is because students will access it for accessing their grades, view schedules, and many more related to their academic matters. Are you one of University of Cape Coast students? It is better for you to continue reading this.

Student Portal of University of Cape Coast can be accessed at www.studentportal.gu.se/english/Abroad/where_can_i_study/uwa/africa/capecoast. In this Student Portal, you are able to access anything such as service & tools, my studies, guidance, study environment & rules, graduation & degrees and abroad. Under the Service & Tools menu, there is Student Portal menu. If you click on that, you will go to a page where you are able to access GUL; Google services such as calendar, email, documents and storage; Ladok including registration and study results; Schedules and Syllabus & Literature list. To be able to access them, you need to login to your account.

To login, you can click on Log In button that is available in the top right of the screen. After clicking on that, you will have to enter your username and password. After entering those fields, do not forget to hit the Login button. Under the Login button, there are some options such as Student support, Activate student account and Staff support. If you click on Activate Student Support, there will appear some options again such as “Activate your student account, “I’ve forgotten my password”, “I’ve forgotten my username”, “List of Our Service Center”, and “Contact Support”.

If you click on “Activate your student account”, it can activate your student account and are given a username ad password. As mentioned above that there is Schedule menu. You have to note that if you are a student of UCC, you should have access to your schedule no later than two weeks before the beginning of the course. You are able to search for your schedule in the university booking system, TimeEdit.

A lot of courses also link to schedules in TimeEdit directly from the GUL learning platform or the department’s website under My Studies in the Student Portal. Then, you also have to know that some courses do not have a schedule in TimeEdit, which may be because lessons take place in premises outside the university booking system, for instance Chalmers. In that cases, the course administrator should inform you about where you are able to find the course schedule. You are able to contact your study programme/ course administrator if you are not able to discover your schedule.

In Student Portal, there is also My Studies. It is a new entrance where you are able to discover your local study information from your department and study programme. Click on My Studies and in the right side of that page, you will find two boxes with drop down menu. You need to choose the programme and course (department) and then you will be directed to the page of study that you are looking for. There are still many things that you can access through Student Portal. You can try to access it now.

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