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The Technical College of the Lowcountry (TCL) is a college which provides post-secondary education and workforce training. The public, two-year, multi campus community college serves almost 5,000 students annually. There are a variety of curricular programs that include university transfer options, career and continuing education, online learning and dual enrollment for area high school students. This college has vision to elevate each student and every community that they serve through transformative technology and exceptional teaching. This college is state-assisted and it receives almost 18% of its operating funds from the state of South Carolina.

The vast majority of TCL’s funding is from student tuition and fees and local county and donor support. In Technical College of the Lowcounty, there are programs in arts and sciences, business, aviation technology, computer technology, health sciences, industrial technology and public service. This college also provides comprehensive student services that include career counseling, academic advising, and veteran services. Annually, more than 300 students are graduated from this college. Fully 93% of TCL graduates either go on to four-year institutions or move directly into jobs.

Technical College of the Lowcounty provides a tool named WebAdvisor. This tool can be used by the students of TCL to view their grades, check schedules, make a payment, and so on. The Smart Registration of Webadvisor TCL also can be used to register for courses based on the requirements for your selected major. It can help prevent you from enrolling for a course that will not be paid for by Financial Aid. To use Smart Registration, you need to accessed it through WebAdvisor. If you have set up your WebAdvisor account, you can follow the instructions below for Smart Registration.

  1. First, you need to log into WebAdvisor and then choose the Students link.
  2. Choose Program Evaluation which is available under the heading Academic Profile.
  3. From the Program Evaluation page, select your Active Program, and then in the field labeled What work do you want to include?, choose your All (includes planned), click Submit.
  4. Then, an Academic evaluation will be displayed. It will tell the system which courses are required to completed the selected program. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and then click OK.
  5. Now, under the Heading Registration, click on Register for Sections and then select Smart Registration.
  6. On the Program Confirmation page, you have to confirm that the program shown is your program by choosing “Yes” and click Submit.
  7. Choose a Requirement, click Submit and choose a Sub Requirement, click Submit. A list of courses to satisfy the requirement will come up. Courses which you have taken in advance will not come up on this list. If you want to choose a previously taken course, you need to check the box “Show Courses Already Taken.”
  8. Select one or more courses shown, choose the desired term from the drop down box, then hit Submit button.
  9. Select one section from the list of available sections of the course for which you want to register, click Submit.
  10. Now, discover the section into which you want to register and choose “Register” in the drop down box and then click Submit button.
  11. View the registration results, click OK.
  12. The Program confirmation screen will be shown. If you wish to register for additional courses, you can choose “Yes” then Submit and then repeat the steps 7 to 11.

If you want to change your major, you an contact your Advisor for assistance. If you face any problems during using WebAdvisor, you can call the Help Desk at 525-8344.

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