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If you are a new student of Assumption English School, it means that you need information about Student Learning Space (SLS). You have to know that Singapore Student Learning Space (SLS) will support all students in Singapore schools in their learning and it had been announced by the Ministry of Education. What is Student Learning Space? It is an online platform containing curriculum-aligned resources and learning tools.

By using the Student Learning Space, students can learn better through the use of technology. Besides, this platform can make students learn anywhere and anytime at their own pace whether independently or even with their fellows. SLS is also be able to be used by teachers to complement their classroom teaching and also enrich the learning experience of students.

This learning experience is important to help your child to be an active and confident user of technology. The SLS of Singapore can be accessed through the internet browser on Mac, Window PC, iPad or even Android tablets. For good user experience, it is better for you to use screen which is larger than 7 inches. To be able to use this platform, you will have to login and the login ID of yours has been given to you. The login ID is made up of your name and ID number where it is your first five letters of your name and last five characters of your ID.

For example, your name is Tania Sifa and your ID is T3217654D. So, your login ID will be TANIA7654D. If it is your first time login, you have to use the default password namely SLSAES7002. Then, after your first login, you are able to change the password which consist of minimum eight characters with letters and numbers.

You may not be used to this platform so that there are several things that you need to now when you use Student Learning Space. Sometimes, people may forget their password because as you know that currently people have a lot of social media account so that their confused of their password in SLS.

If it happens to you, you are able to reset your password in SLS and there are 3 way of doing it. First, you are able to reset it via email. You have to remember the email address which is used during your first setup. If you are not able to see the email in your inbox, you can check it in the spam or junk email folder. Second, you are able to reset your password via answering security questions. Third, you are also able to reset your password by calling SLS helpdesk at 67026513. Then, what do we have to do if our account has been locked? Your account can be locked after 6 consecutive attempts to login with a wrong password. So, to unlock your account, you are able to call the SLS helpdesk. Then, you will have to answer the security questions to verify that you are the legitimate account holder.

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