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Do you like listening to music? If you like listening to music, it is better if you listen it through Spotify. Moreover, if you are a student, there is Spotify Student Premium. What is it? Let’s find out abut this in the next paragraph.

Studying while listening music is often done by a lot of students to make their studying time not boring. You may be one of students who like studying while listening music. Or even you like listening to music when you are on the go. Well, wherever and whenever you listen to music, there is a good news from Spotify because now there is Spotify student discount named Spotify Student Premium.

With this, you are able to get 50% off a Premium subscription for a whole year. You are also able to renew every 12 months up to three times as long as you are eligible. In addition, you are also able to get access to Hulu Limited Commercials and Showtime for no extra cost. How to get started? If you are now enrolled at an accredited college or university, you are able to apply for the Student discount now by visiting the official website of Spotify. For your information, for now, you are not able to pay for the Student discount with a Spotify gift card and you are not able to apply additional discounts such as Premium for family.

Spotify uses SheerID to verify your Student status. If you cannot verify your student status, it seems that you are not eligible for the Student discount at this time. But, you are able to make sure it by checking these:

  • You have not already claimed the discount on another Spotify account.
  • Your school is listed. If you did not see your school in the list during sign up, you are not eligible right now.
  • You have not surpassed the 4 year limit. The discount will last 12 months at a time, with the option to renew a maximum of 3 times a long as you are eligible.

You may be curious if you can move your discount to another account. The answer is no. You are entitled to only one Spotify student account with the student discount at a time and the discount last for 12 months even if you want to cancel subscription or close the account.

If you subscribe this student premium, you can already enjoy Spotify student Hulu of acclaimed original series, includes The Looming Tower, Emmy and Golden Globe Award-winnig series The Handmaid’s Tale, Marvel’s Runaways and Castle Rock and current-season television such as Rick & Morty and This is Us, hit movies and exclusive library series which includes Family Guy, Lost, ER and more. If you want to manage your payments or cancel the subscription, you need to login to your Spotify account. If you find any issues related to streaming on Spotify, you can check out the support site of Spotify. If you find any issues related to your Hulu account or service, you are able to check out the Hulu support site. Then, if you find any issues related to your Showtime account or service, you can check out the Showtime support site.

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