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San Bernardino Valley College (SBVC) is a community college which offers a full range of degrees, certificates in a variety of careers and transfer programs to four0-year institutions. In the San Bernardino Community College District, San Bernardino Valley College is the original and biggest of two colleges. It is also a regional leader in career and technical education with programs in human services, nursing, welding, computer information technology, electrical and many more.

In this college, you can find weekend, online, evening, short-term and distance learning classes along with classes in Big Bear. This college has mission to prepare students to enter the workforce by earning applied degrees and certificates, to transfer to four-year universities, to foster economic growth and global competitiveness through workforce development, and to improve the quality of life in the Inland Empire and beyond.

San Bernardino Valley College provides Webadvisor SBVC. What is Webadvisor? It is new point of entry to the college to do the things below:

  • Search for available classes
  • View your priority registration date
  • Make credit card payment
  • Register for classes
  • View updates on your Financial Aid
  • Print your class schedule
  • View your Educational Plan
  • Purchase parking permits
  • Check your grades and unofficial transcripts

To be able to access Webadvisor, you need to do SBVC Webadvisor login. To login to Webadvisor is very easy. The first thing that you can do is to visit Then, find Quick Login in the upper right of the page and choose Webadvisor. You will be brought to the Webadvisor page. When you are in the Webadvisor page, find Log In which is available in the upper right of the page, near Main Menu and Contact Us. Click Log In and you will be brought to the Log In page where you need to enter your User ID and also your password. The format of User ID is f.lastname#### where f is the first character of your first name, lastname is your last name up to 20 characters and #### is the last four digits of your Student ID. Then, when you enter your password, your default password is “Temp” and your 6 digit date of birth (TempMMDDYY). If you have filled in the User ID and also your password, now click Submit button.

This SBVC Edu Webadvisor can be accessed on Sunday through Monday from 6:00 am until midnight. You have to note that WebAdvisor has regularly scheduled times for maintenance and system backup which need it to be unavailable from midnight to 6:00 am daily. The information on WebAdvisor is the most current available since WebAdvisor is interacting directly with the administrative database of college. Information will be available as soon as it is inserted or updated. You probably wonder whether anyone can access your information on WebAdvisor or not. Well, without having your User ID and password, nobody can view your information. So, you have to make sure to protect your User ID and Password. Never share it with others and do not permit anyone to watch while you enter them. Choose the Log Out every time you are finished using WebAdvisor.

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