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As we know that Roblox is an online gaming that very popular in the world until now. From the kids, teens and adult play the games on Roblox. However, on Roblox sometime there are some problems which can occur. One of problems is roblox stuck on configuring mac. This problem might be caused by some crashed or cracked in the file which you put on your computer. But it might also cause by your anti-virus if you have one. If you are facing the problem about that, you do not be worry because there are many solutions to get rid it. Well, in this article we are going to share some ways to solve that problem. Let us see those ways in the text below.

  1. At the first way, you are able to delete some data.
  2. Then, you can also disable your anti-virus.
  3. The last ways, you are able to reset your web and delete all Roblox data on your pc.

The text above is some ways to get rid Roblox stuck or roblox not installing and not working.

In other case, we remind about our reader who asks us about how to fix roblox endless install loop? By the way, do you know how to fix that problem? If you face that problem, you are able to do the way such as in the text below.

  1. Please install Firefox firstly.
  2. Then, you have to delete Roblox off your PC or laptop fully.
  3. After that, please open up Firefox. Directly under the X should be 3 lines. Then, click that menu.
  4. The next step, you are able to click Options.
  5. Then go to Applications on the left.
  6. Please do not close this menu. Now, you have to open a new tab and go to Roblox.
  7. After that, you are able to find a game and click Play. Then install Roblox.
  8. The next step, please go back to Applications and refresh the page. Now, search for your Roblox player. In this case, if it is not there, so you have to restart Firefox.
  9. Please click Use other.
  10. Afterwards, you have to find and click Browse.
  11. Minimize Firefox and find where your Roblox player is exactly.
  12. When you have found it, so please navigate to it via the menu.
  13. Then, double click it.
  14. Now, you can go onto Roblox and click Play.

Actually, there are many people who get some problems on Roblox like the problems above, and then they are upgrading roblox stuck. In other case, there are some people who reinstall Roblox to fix those problems. We are sure that you are going to know about how to reinstall roblox, so if you face problems on your Roblox, you can also do it. If you find the difficulty when you are uninstalling Roblox, so you can check your Firewall, clear your Temporary Internet Files, and make sure that Roblox is allowed to run.

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