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There is a thing in Roblox world called Lightning Staff. For those who love to play games in this biggest latform, you must be familiar with this stuff. To know more about this thing, you might want to read this entire article below. Please read it well and do not miss a single thing.

The Lightning Staff is the name of the item that could be got by each player of Roblox. With this kind of thing and thousands of the other models, you can build the immerse game or experience. To make it into the reality, all you have to do is to choose from the wide range of models, decals, meshes, plugins, or audio that can make your imagination more real.

Zeus's Lightning Bolt Staff
To obtain the Lighting Staff, you need Roblox lightning script pastebin. This following is the list of  the script pastebin you are looking for.

  1. script.Name = “Lol Derp”
  2. local bright = game.Lighting.Brightness
  3. function prop(part, parent, collide, tran, ref, x, y, z, color,anchor,form)
  4. part.Parent = parent
  5. part.formFactor = form
  6. part.CanCollide = collide
  7. part.Transparency = tran
  8. part.Reflectance = ref
  9. part.Size =,y,z)
  10. part.BrickColor =
  11. part.TopSurface = 0
  12. part.BottomSurface = 0
  13. part.Anchored = anchor
  14. part.Locked = true
  15. part:BreakJoints()
  16. end
  17. function thunder(pos)
  18. local last =
  19. local scale = 1
  20. local lights = {}
  21. repeat
  22. local si = math.random(15,45)
  23. local p =“Part”)
  24. prop(p,workspace,true,0,0,5,si,5,”Bright violet”,true,”Custom”)
  25. p.CFrame = last *,-scale/2,0)
  26.*CFrame.Angles(math.random(120,120)/100,math.random(-30,30)/100,math.random(-120,120)/100) *,-si/2,0)
  27. last = p.CFrame
  28. scale = si
  29. table.insert(lights,p)
  30. until last.y < 14
  31. local ex =“Explosion”,workspace)
  32. ex.BlastRadius = 22
  33. ex.BlastPressure = 300000
  34. ex.Position = last *,-scale/2,0).p
  35. local pew =“Sound”,workspace)
  36. pew.SoundId = “rbxasset://sounds\HalloweenLightning.wav”
  37. pew.Volume = math.random(70,110)/100
  38. pew.Pitch = math.random(85,120)/100
  39. coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(function()
  40. for i=1,math.random(5,25) do
  41. if game.Lighting.Brightness == bright then
  42. game.Lighting.Brightness = 9999
  43. else
  44. game.Lighting.Brightness = bright
  45. end
  46. wait()
  47. end
  48. game.Lighting.Brightness = bright
  49. end))
  50. wait(0.05)
  51. pew:play()
  52. wait(math.random(10,80)/100)
  53. ex:remove()
  54. for _,v in pairs(lights) do
  55. coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(function()
  56. for i=0,1,0.25 do
  57. wait()
  58. v.Transparency = i
  59. end
  60. v:remove()
  61. end))
  62. end
  63. end
  64. while true do
  65. wait(math.random(1,300)/100)
  66. coroutine.resume(coroutine.create(function()
  67. thunder(,250),math.random(700,1000),math.random(-250,250)))
  68. end))
  69. end

As stated before, lightning staff has a lot of models. To knowmore about them, you can lurk around the official website of Roblox. One of the most well-known lighting staff is named Zeus’s Lightning Cold Staff. Are you curious what kind of lighting it is?

Roblox Zeus’s lightning bolt staff is the term to call the name of the game created. Roblox created this one in November 25, 2011. For your information, this item has two damage moves which one of them will make lightning bolts in different directions. In short, it is which does about 40 damages. Another thing does the shielding over the user. It means whoever touches it will get the large amounts of damage, it it not a wipeout. In addition, there is also a special move. It is when the user presses “Q” on the keyboard. This step is able to make the lightning appear of the sky and shock the players around it. it is also causing 80 damages.

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