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In the Inland Empire, the most dynamic and diverse college is Riverside City College. It opened in 1916 on the site of the former Poly High School and now Riverside City College has grown to become one of leading community colleges in California. Even it is a landmark in downtown Riverside. It serves more than 19,000 students each semester. Riverside City also provides students with a variety of options that include transfer to a four-year college or university, associate’s degree programs, or career certificates that prepare them to get into the workforce. RCC provides strong programs such as science, liberal arts, performing arts, the School of Nursing and athletics.

In Riverside City College, there is WebAdvisor that can make the students easy to access any information related to the college. As students, you can do RCC Webadvisor login easily. You just need to access the website of rcc at www.rcc.edu. Then, click WebAdvisor which is located at the top of the page. You will be directed to the WebAdvisor page. There, you will find Log In button in the upper right of the page. To login, click the Log In button and then you will be directed to the Log In page. Enter your User ID in the User ID field and enter your password in the Password field. Do not forget to click Submit after that. In that RCC Edu Webadvisor page, you will see there is an announcement that the students’s Webadvisor login is now your 7 digit Student ID. In the left of the page, students can do several things such as viewing list of open classes by campus, learning their RCCD email address, seeing how to access their student email, going to their RCCD email and learning their WebAdvisor username or password and even resetting their WebAdvisor Password. This WebAdvisor is accessible daily except from 3 am to 4 am morning and from 5 pm Sunday evening to 4 am Monday morning every week.

By the existence of rcc.edu Webadvisor, the users can get some information about the following list:

  1. Registration and payment
  2. Student registration dates
  3. Grades
  4. Transcript requests
  5. Enrollment verifications
  6. Personal profile update
  7. Financial aid information

If you need help with your WebAdvisor username or password or with activating your RCCD email account, you are able to email studenttechhelp@rcc.edu for an auto response tech email. Then, if you deal with difficulty and can not resolve your problem using WebAdvisor tutorials or HELP, you can contact the admissions office at your home college through email of by phone. In the email, state your question and include your full name, student ID number and date of birth.

  • For RCC Norco Webadvisor, you can contact admissionsnorco@rcc.edu or (951) 372 – 7003.
  • For Moreno Valley College, you can contact admissionsmorenovalley@rcc.edu or (951) 571 – 6101.
  • For Riverside City College, you can contact admissionsriverside@rcc.edu or (951) 222- 8600 or (951) 222 – 8574.

Help is accessible on Monday through Friday during normal operating hours. Besides, students can also go to the Digital Library at Riverside City College for in-person help.

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