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Roblox is an online gaming platform that enables the users to play games, create games by using Roblox Studio, add friends, chat with other players, sell items, buy items in the catalog, and even earn money. A lot of things that you can explore on Roblox. Games on Roblox are available in more than 40 million games. So, if you want to play games there, do not be worried that you will not enjoy it because there are so many choices there. The genres are also various including military, naval, medieval, fighting, sport, town and city, building, RPG and many others.

Have you heard about scammers on Roblox? According to Urban Dictionary, scammer is the one who does everythingin his or her power to steal from another which usually by means of trickery, force and deceit. According to dictionary.cambridge.org, scammer means someone who makes money by using illegal methods, especially by tricking people. So, we can conclude that scammer is a person who try to get what he or she wants by deceiving other people. As Roblox is a popular games and a lot of people play it, so it is a good place for a scammers to do their tricks. If you want to know the scammers of Roblox, you can try to visit https://rbx.rocks/scammers. There, you can see the list of scammers. If you access now, some of them are:

ID: 58271681
Reason: tried a rabbit scam

ID: 365565765
Reason: tried to rabbit scam

ID: 77624012
Reason: asks you to pay half of the robux for a program, before getting it then blocks you

ID: 67995770
Reason: attempted double trade scam, he worked a long FastCooolKitty to scam the victim

ID: 3381197
Reason: attempting to take users account using emails.

The other scammers that you can find in the RBX Rocks list are 3enji, 446GB, 5Clan, 8owal8, 9Dry, A_ggressor, AbdullahAlahmad, abolisher, AceBenji, addy_dancer13 and many others. If you want to know more, just visit the RBX Rocks. Then, click Scammers menu at the top of the page.

Talk about scammers, the users of Roblox is angry with them for sure. Then, to express that feeling, they try to make something to make the other Roblox users notice to the scammers or to do something with them. A player named nccvoyager created a Scammer List t-shirt. In that t-shirt, you can write a list of trade scammers. But, now that t-shirt is not for sale. Then, the other Roblox users also create a group. One f them is Stop Scamming Now group that is owned by qPixi. In that group, you will get shouts on the recent Scam news which probably including Roblox scammer list 2018 and what they can do as Roblox Community is to stop it. If you are interested, you can join that group. If you got scammed, the best thing that you can do is reporting. In reports, you have to do 2 things, those are choosing the correct category and then always make a brief comment.

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