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OSST is the abbreviation of One Stop Service Tracking and DEO is the abbreviation of the Department of Economic Opportunity. OSST client DEO my Florida means the One Stop Service Tracking of the Department of Economic Opportunity in Florida. The DEO of Florida puts the investations in the prosperity of all Floridians and their communities. This kind of department combines the economic development initiatives, the workface support, and the training and community development efforts to fuel the job creation around the state, including Florida. The programs of Florida administered by DEO help to support the business of the local, engage the talented job seekers, and enhance the diverse communities of Florida. The main purpose of DEO Florida is to be the best place in the world to love, learn, play, work, and do business.

Osstclient deo myflorida com is the page of One Stop Service Tracking (OSST) system’s log on screen. For those who never used OSST before and you got the instructions for the Department or Children and Families (DCF) to register with one of the programs or you got the instructions from the local One Stop Service Center to register with one of the programs, please click the button of the “New User” and then follow the new user instructions in order to access your account. keep in mind that you have to allow at least one business day after your DCF Interview. It is for the records to arrive at OSST. For your information, you will not be able to access the system until you have your records.

For those who are the returning user to OSST because you either received the letter instructing you to login or you were instructed by Career Center staff to login, please sign in using the User ID and password instead.

For those who are the returning user to OSST and forgot your username and or the password, then you have to click on the link of the “User ID” or “Password” in order to access the username and or the password. Filling out the User ID and the password requires some focuses, especially the password one. The case of forgetting the user forgets either the User ID, the password, or both is normal and not a thing to be ashamed. Once again, if you ever forgot those kinds of thing, please click the link and follow the instructions well.

If you face any difficulties or have any questions related to Osstclient deo myflorida com such as osstclient deo myflorida com login, please seek for assistance by calling 855-212-0880. Remember to call the representative on the workdays and the work time to get the direct answer. That method for getting the assistance is not the only method. As the alternative, you can also send an email to customerinfocenter@deo.myflorida.com. If you choose this method, you are able to seek for the assistance anytime without having to match with the workday or work time. Do not hesitate to get the assistance because the customer center will help you gladly.

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