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Norco College is one of three colleges in the Riverside Community College District. Norco College serves almost 13,000 students every year providing daytime, evening, weekend and online courses. There are more than 80 percent of Norco College students from Riverside County. The majority of the remaining students came from Orange and San Bernardino counties. This college serves their students, their community, and its workforce by giving educational chances, celebrating diversity, and promoting collaboration.

They encourage an inclusive, innovative approach to learning and the creative application of emerging technologies. They also provide foundational skills and pathways to transfer, career and technical education, certificates and degrees. As a means of getting Strategic Goals, the College adopted Strategic Planning Processes to guarantee that institutional planning, unit/program review, and resource allocation are all fully integrated. The Strategic Planning Process of this College are:

  • Increase Student Achievement and Success
  • Improve the Quality of Student Life
  • Increase student access
  • Create Effective Community Partnerships
  • Strengthen Student Learning
  • Demonstrate Effective Planning Processes
  • Strengthen their Commitment to our Employees

This college provides Norco College WebAdvisor. Through WebAdvisor, you are able to do these things:

  • Registration and Payment
  • Students Registration Dates
  • Grades
  • Enrollment Verifications
  • Transcript Requests
  • Financial Aid Information
  • Personal Profile Update

When you try to access WebAdvisor, you have to note that it is available daily except from 3am to 4am each morning and from 5pm Sunday evening to 4am Monday morning each week. If you want to use WebAdvisor, you need to log in first. When you log in, you will be required your User ID and also your password. You have to note that your webadvisor user name is your student ID Number. The user name of Webadvisor is sent out within a week to new and returning students who submit online applications. If you do not know your RCCD ID number and your social security number is not on file at RCCD, you are able to bring a photo ID to Admissions at any college to get your RCCD ID Number. Remember, when you enter your SSN do not enter the dashes. For password, if this is your first login, the password is your six digit date of birth. If you have logged in, you will be required to change your password soon for security purposes. Then, your username is the first letters of your first and last name and all are typed in lowercase, and then our seven digit RCC ID number combined together.

Well, if you are still facing a problem when you are trying to use WebAdvisor like having problem with the username/ password of WebAdvisor or with activating your RCCD email account, you are able to send an email to for an auto response tech email. If you face any difficulties and can not resolve our problem using Help and tutorials of WebAdvisor, you can contact the Admissions Office at your home college via email or by phone. In your email, you have to state your question clearly including your full name, student ID number and date of birth. For the students of Norco College, you can contact to or (951) 372-7003.

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