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In helping you achieve your educational goals, Nelnet works with the Department of Education (Department). Nelnet provide customer service on your federal student loans. If you have a question and get trouble, so Nelnet will answer your questions and offer solutions for your trouble including trouble paying, and about the process your payments. Nelnet will make you to have the best borrower experience possible.


It is very possible that Nelnet owns your loan. However, Nelnet also provide customer service for other lenders’ loans including loan from the Department. Nelnet will provides customer service on your account if you have these criteria.

· You borrowed money from Nelnet directly.

· Your lender sold your loan to Nelnet and then Nelnet owns and services your loan now.

· Your lender choose Nelnet to service loan.

· You have already taken out a Federal Direct Loan from the Department and Nelnet was selected to service the loan.

· Your lender sold your loan to the Department and Nelnet was selected to service your loan.

Nelnet will make make your student loan repayment as simple as possible. By the way, how to create account? For this case, you need to do a registration. To do it you can go to the official website of Nelnet. After you arrive at the homepage of Nelnet site, then you are able to click on Register button. By clicking that button, it means that you will go to the page where you can create your account. After you arrive at the page of creating account, there you can see three steps in creating a new account. The first step is completing your information, the second step is completing security for your account and the last is a confirmation.

For the first step, you have to enter some information which identify you. The first thing that you have to do is enter your social security number. Then, enter your date of birth. After that, you need also to enter your email address. The next step that you have to do in creating account is create a username. Afterwards, create your password. You need also to re-type your password then. The last, you are able to click at ‘continue’ button to continue the process of creating account. By clicking that button, you have to complete the process of creating account by completing step two (security). After you have already completed step two, then you have to complete step three (confirmation for your account).

After everything is done, now you can login by using your account. To login into your Nelnet student loans account, you can go to the official website of Nelnet. Then, you can see a place to login. Now, enter your username. After that, you can click on Log in button. In addition, you can also click at save username to keep remember your username. The last, if you cannot remember your password account, so you can solve it by clicking on the link written ‘forgot username’.

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