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Mount Kenya University Student Portal which is also more known as MKU Student Portal is the name of the service offered by Mount Kenya University for every student. This one helps every student access fundamental services offered at the university. You are now able to access your fee statement, posted exam results, register units, book hostels, and so much more. There are several things to get from MKU Student Portal such as information update, fees, timetables, course registration, results, and hostel.

In order to gain access to personalized information and the abundance of tools including viewing or downloading, you have to login to MKU Student Portal. For the registered students, there are two things that you have to enter. Those are the student ID or registration number and the password. For the student ID or registration number, remember that the year of registration must be in full such as 2010.

Aside from that, please pay attention to the digits and letters in your student ID or registration number. Please do not mistype 0 (zero) as letter O and letter I as digit 1 (one). As for the password, you are able to use either your national ID or password number or mobile number or telephone number (without space) as your initial password. For the applicants or new students, the application ref. number is ref number or index number or exam year. As stated before, the year of registration must be full. For instance, the right one is 01234567001/2015.

For those who want to know about the registration of supplementary exams on MKU Student Portal, here is the information for you. When the examination results are out, the student is required to register for a supplementary or special exam in the student portal and generate the examination card. On the portal, all that you have to do are selecting course registration, selecting special registration, selecting Oct special, and continuing with registration. According to the official website of MKU, you must have done your course work (CATS) to qualify.

This paragraph is for you who want to download the admission letters from MKU Student Portal. Apparently, every candidate is able to either download the admission letters and registration documents from the portal in the official website of the university or visit the nearest university campus or ODEL Center. The first thing that you have to do to download the admission letters is to go to the MKU Student Portal. Then, go to applicants or new students. The next thing that you have to do is to enter the application reference or the index number or year. The example is 08237009083/2016. The last step that you have to do is to click generate applicant letter of offer.

For further information about MKU Student Portal, you can visit the official website of MKU Student Portal. If you have any question or face some difficulties, do not hesitate to contact the campus you are in. There are some options that you can choose which are the phone number, the email address, and the so on.

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