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Lincoln Land Community College (LLCC) is a community college which serves individuals of all ages. This college district comprises all or parts of 15 counties in central Illinois and covers 4,115 square miles. The primary campus is in Springfield, with Outreach Centers in Jacksonville, Beardstown, Taylorville and Litchfield. This college has mission to provide district residents with quality educational programs and services that are accessible, affordable and responsive to individual and community needs.

In LLCC, there are 121 full-time teaching faculty and 182 part-time instructors. There are also 55 full-time employees of administrative staff and 99 full time and 11 part time employees make up the professional staff at LLCC.

Lincoln Land Community College uses tool named WebAdvisor to give the students access to their needs such as checking their schedule, viewing their grades or GPA, making a payment and so on. You have to make sure that you have activated your LLCC email, Blackboard and Webadvisor account. You also have to note that your username and password for your WebAdvisor, Blackboard and LLCC email are all the same. If you have not activated your Webadvisor/Blackboard/LLCC email account, you can go to Account Activation Page that the link can be found in the website of LLCC. If you have activated Webadvisor LLCC account, then you can register for classes. How to register for classes? Follow the steps below.

  1. First, you need to log in to WebAdvisor.
  2. Then, click on the “Students” picture. It will bring you to the Students Menu.
  3. Now, scroll down to bottom and discover the Registration heading and click on “Register for Sections”. You are also able to click on the link “Course Planning Worksheet” under the heading labeled “Academic Planning”, but this is only recommended for students in degrees with very specific requirements, like nursing for instance.
  4. Then, if you know exactly which classes that you want and have the subject, course number, and section number, you have to use Express registration. You do not need to know the course synonym to use Express registration. If you need to search for classes and then register, use “Search and register for sections.”
  5. When you are using Search and Register for Sections, leave the “course level” field blank.
  6. You have to make sure to review the messages at the top of each WebAdvisor page.
  7. If you have selected classes, by using either Express or Search and Register, then click Submit button. The next page you will see is “Register and Drop Sections.” In that page, the classes which you selected will come up in a “preferred sections” list. You are not registered for classes on this list. This list is like a shopping cart.
  8. Now, click “RG-Register” under “Action” for each class and then click Submit button.
  9. Your classes will be listed under the heading labeled “Current Registrations”.
  10. If you are enrolling for classes of developmental math, you have to register for the first level (MAT 081) and then turn back and register for the second level (MAT 082). This is important because MAT 081 is a prerequisite to MAT 082. You will need to look in the Modules to discover most developmental math classes.
  11. If you have registered, you will get a confirmation email in your LLCC email account.

Thank you for reading this article. Hopefully, this is helpful and beneficial for you to get access to WebAdvisor of LLCC.

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