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Lewis and Clark College has a thing for every student, every faculty, and every staff of them called Lewis and Clark WebAdvisor. Webadvisor Lewis and Clark is known as the name of the product that used by Lewis and Clark College to provide the online registration services to students. For those who want to know the further information about Lewis and Clark WebAdvisor, you might want to read this entire article as it will focus on Lewis and Clark WebAdvisor.

How to log into Lewis and Clark WebAdvisor? The first thing you have to do is to go to the WebAdvisor menu at he Main Entry Page. From the Main Entry Page, please click on the Log In tab in the top righthand corner of the page of WebAdvisor. Then, select one menu item to view. In this stage, you will immediately be asked to log in. Afterward, use the log in and password you use to access Lewis and Clark email. Please type your Lewis and Clark email user ID in the username box and type your Lewis and Clark email password in the password box. If you forgot your Lewis and Clark email password, the thing you should do is to click the link written “Password Reset at Information Technology’s Account Maangement”.

When you are logged into Lewis and Clark College Webadvisor, you can do some things such as accessing your current schedule, accessing your grades, accessing your transcript, viewing your class schedule, registering for classes, dropping your classes, examining the number, and keeping your record secure.

To access your current schedule, first, go to “Menu”. Second, go to “Schedule” (Log In). Third, pick your current term. Fourth, hit the Submit button. Fifth, you can see your schedule. Sixth, go back to the Menu (Log Out).

To access your grades, the two first steps are the same as mentioned above. When you are logged in, the next thing you have to do is to check the semester you are interested in. Apparently, you are not able to view more than one semester’s grades at a time. You are also not allowed to view grades in the current semester. If you are done, then it is time for you to click on the Submit button. After clicking it, you should now see your grades. After that, you can go back to the Menu (Log Out).

Some other methods that you can use to access Lewis and Clark WebAdvisor are available to be seen in the official website of Lewis and Clark College. There are a lot of information related to Lewis and Clark WebAdvisor that you can find. If you cannot find the information you are looking for, if you face any difficulties or have any questions regarding Lewis and Clark WebAdvisor, you can call the Help Desk at 503 768 7225 or send an email to Tservice@lclark.edu. Do not ever be hesitated to ask for a help from the Help Desk as they will help you gladly.

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