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LCCC WebAdvisor is the name of the online program that offered by Luzerne County Community College to the students of them. This program has the ability to do some things such as to register for classes, to check your grades, to drop or add the courses, to see what classes are being offered, to apply for graduation, to look up your grade point average, to view your class schedule, and to email your advisor.

To be able to use all the services offered, you have to log into LCCC WebAdvisor first. then, how to log into LCCC WebAdvisor? The first thing you have to do is to go to the official website of LCCC WebAdvisor which is Then, click on “Log In” to setup your password. Logging into LCCC WebAdvisor needs two things. those are the user name and the password. Usually, the user name is the first and the last initial and 7 digit ID. As for the password, it has to be the 6 digit birthdate (MMDDYY). Apparently, the password mentioned before is just temporary. In this case, you can change the password as it also has the expire date. To change it, first, enter the username again. Second, enter the PIN password again. Third, create the new password. Fourth, enter the new password again as the confirmation. Fifth, fill the column of “My password hint”. You have to remember that the hint cannot be part of the password. When everything is completed, please click the Submit button.

This following paragraph will give you the information to register. Just like logging in, you have to open the official website of LCCC WebAdvisor first. Then, log into the WebAdvisor by using the username and the password. When you are logged in, the next thing you have to do is to click “Student”. There are some options for you. In this case, please click “Register for Sections”. Afterward, click “Search and register for sections”. After clicking the link, you will see the form of Search/Register for Sections. In the Term column, please fill it out with something like “Fall, 2009”. In the column of “Subject”, you can type the first 3 characters of the Course. As for the “Course No”, please fill it out with the last 3 digits if Course. After you are done, please click the Submit button. Apparently, there are two other things that you should do.

The first one is to click the box to select the course and the second one is to choose “RG Register” in the “Action for ALL, Pref, Sections). Once again, please click the Submit button when you are done. Actually, this is not the last step that you should follow. Some other ones are to verify that you are registered on the screen that follows, to click “Student Menu”, to click “My Class Schedule”, select the term, and submit, and the last one is to print your schedule. If you face any difficulties, please contact the Help Desk at 570 740 0711 or

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