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If you are one of users of Roblox, you must be familiar with Lando64000. It is an account of a famous Roblox game builder in Roblox. He is famous for his building and scripting skills. Sometimes, his places include collaborative projects which is done with his brother, Tbradm. Almost every one of his places has a secret area and always proves to be a taxing challenge to discover. Lando64000 was also one of the co-founders of Pokemon Brick Bronze, one of the most popular Pokemon games on Roblox. However, it was sadly banned because of copyright issues. Now, he is an active member of Roblox. If you go to Rbx Rocks, you can see Lando64000 RbxRocks. There, his rank is in #30 with 8,388,614 RAP and the value which is 11,900,778.

Lando64000You can know more about him by visiting his profile on Roblox. There, you can see that he has 74 friends and 133K+ followers. Now, his avatar is wearing Kestrel – Brown Three Piece Suit Shirt, Kestrel – Brown Three Piece Suit Pants, Gentleman’s Lapel Flower in his left chest, and Brighteyed Steampunk. He uses Skeptic face with Brown Hair Dude. He has a lot of collections in his inventory including Black Iron Branches, Blue Traffic Cone, Supa Dup Fly Cap, Green Checkered Lamp shade, Korblox Oracle, Mad Scientist Egg and many more. His groups are BrickBronze Version which is his latest project of him and tbradm, Ro-Trip, Team Frigidia, Pokemon Brick Boyz, Brick Bronze Modeling Team, Taco Gamers, The L.D.S of Roblox [Mormons], The Lando Only Group, Vortex Security, Baby Warriors, and The Why Do It Yourself Club. You can join with the groups that he joined as well. Anyway, he also has Twitter account. You may follow him. Who knows that you can get Lando64000 codes so that you can redeem it with Lando64000 virtual item. You can check his virtual item which is cool at the website of Jazwares. His favorite games on Roblox are Tower Battles, Our_Hero’s Place Number: 401, Pinewood Computer Core, Neon District, Astro Academy and many more. How about his Roblox badges? He has Bloxxer, Veteran, Homestead, Inviter, Bricksmith, Outrageous Builders Club, Combat Initiation, Warrior, Friendship, and Welcome To The Club. He joined to Roblox on September 22, 2008 and now his place has visited more than 31 million times. Do you like playing Hide and Seek? It is his most famous game. It began with fourteen maps, but the game rapidly expanded after a user-created contest where he invited other players to make a free model hide and seek map for the game. The other famous games which are created by him are A Pirate’s Life and Pokemon Brick Bronze. But, Pokemon Brick Bronze has been removed because of copyright.

Okay, if you want to know more about Lando64000 including Lando64000 discord, you can go to his profile or you are also able to follow his twitter account and join Lando64000 Fan Club on Roblox which was made by skycoolguy145. So, have fun!

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