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Schoology is management system of learning that are served for K-12 schools, education institutions which is higher and corporations which permits users to manage, create and also share resources and content. It is also known as a course management system (CMS) or virtual learning environment which is a platform that is cloud-based which supplies tools to manage any classroom or blended learning environment.

Schoology KISD caters the central Texas communities of Killeen, Nolanville, Fort Hood, and Harker Heights. The Killeen Independent School District has a commitment to give excellent educational chance to ensure all 44,000 students served are able to achieve their maximum learning potential. The students in KISD attend 32 Elementary Schools (grades PK-5th), four High Schools (grades 9-12), ten Middle Schools (grades 6-8), two alternative schools, Early College High School, the KISD Career Center and some specialized campuses. The Killeen Independent School District uses a phenomenal team of approximately 7000 individuals dedicated to assisting students to achieve success each and every day. The Killeen Independent School District knows the importance of responding to the needs of their students and families. They also welcome feedback and suggestions because they believe that this is an important part of the continuous improvement process. For your information, killeen isd schoology has mission statement which says that they have to teach so that the students will learn to their maximum potential. They also has vision which says that through the implementation of a full, rigorous, innovative, comprehensive education program, Killeen Independent School District will provide superior learning opportunities so that upon graduation, students are prepared for success in the workforce and / or in higher education.

At Schoology killeen isd, there is a right of child’s parents to know the professional qualifications of their child’s teachers. They have the right to ask for information about their child’s classroom teachers by asking the following questions.

  • Whether the teacher is teaching under emergency or provisional status.
  • The college major of the teacher, whether she or he has advanced degrees and the field of discipline of the certification or degree.
  • Whether paraprofessionals provide services to your kids, if so, their qualifications.
  • Whether the teacher meets the state qualifications and licensing criteria for the grades and subjects he or she teaches.

If you want to get specific information regard to the teacher of your kids or paraprofessional, you can contact the campus principal.

You may be puzzled how to use it whether we have to do Schoology KISD login or not. For you who are new to District Student, you need to use the online enrollment system for the two steps registration process. The process of registration will begin with completing the District Enrollment Online section by the guardian of the child and submit the information digitally. After that, the guardian of the child will need to provide proof of residency and any additional required paperwork at the child’s home campus. To open enrollment online or to get complete instructions, you are able to visit the website of Killeen Independent School District.

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