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It seems that luck was on Jane Withers’ side where her career in the American film industry was going very well, even at the time of her death. She died at the age of 95 on August 7, 2021. In 1934, Jane rapidly became popular when she acted in the ‘Bright Eyes’ as Joy Smythe. From there, she became a prominent child star.

Afterwards, a lot of offers came to him to star in a number of films. Later, she finally starred in numerous films every year. Reportedly, she plunged into the world of American film industry from 1932 to 2002. That’s a very very long-term and glorious career, isn’t it?

At the time of her death, certainly many media mass wanted to uncover Jane’s net worth, considering her career as a very brilliant and legendary actress. Don’t worry! You can also find out the information about Jane’s net worth, her career and her life from our post below!

Jane Withers Net Worth

Jane Withers’s Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Jane Withers had a net worth of $5 million, at the time of her death. Jane earned wealth through her career as an actress since she was very young. She was also named as one of the most famous child film stars of the 1930s and 1940s. Sadly, we should lose one of the icons in the American film industry.

Jane Withers’ Career

Jane started her career as an artist even at a young age. She became famous as a child artist after appearing on one of the children’s radio programs, voicing for cartoons. Jane finally got the chance to play a small role in the film ‘Handle with Care’ (1932).

The opportunity for her career as an actress does not seem to be wasted, where she appeared in a hopscotch pantomime scene with screen comedian W. C. Fields in It’s a Gift (1934).

Jane’s big break finally came when she landed a supporting role in the film Bright Eyes starring Shirley Temple who was the most popular child star in Hollywood. By 1934, Jane eventually won the prize in the film Bright Eyes for her acting in mistreatment of little Shirley, and critics praised her performance.

As a result of her hard work, Jane was signed to Fox Studios and she eventually appeared in the lead role in her debut film with Fox Studios in Ginger (1935), which was produced on her eighth birthday. In a 2003 interview, Jane stated that she received flowers on the occasion from W.C. Fields and former American President, Franklin D.

Throughout her career journey, Jane was friends with Roosevelt. She also mentioned his impression of her friend in a newsreel and stated that she maintained a friendship with Roosevelt throughout her career, until his death in Warm Springs in 1945.

By 1937, Jane’s films ranked sixth in the top ten box-office attractions in U.S. theaters. Her film reached the top position at a time when child stars were remarkably famous. As an appreciation, Jane’s parents also licensed her image and name for a series of dolls. In the early 1940s, she was portrayed as a young sleuth, for a series of mystery novels.

Jane  eventually starred in numerous movies each year, through the remainder of the 30s including The Farmer Takes a Wide, Ginger, Paddy O’Day dan Little Miss NoBody.

In her early twenties, Jane retired for several years from acting, once marrying William P Moss, Jr, a wealthy Texas oil man in 1947. In the 1960s, Jane re-appeared in numerous television series, such as General Electric Theater, Pete and Glays, The Aquanauts and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour.

Jane also had a profitable run in commercials which appeared as ‘Josephine the Plumber’ for over a decade. Aside from her on-screen performance, Jane also did voice-over work for several years.

By 1979, the Young Artist Foundation honored her with its very first Former Child Star ‘Lifetime Achievement’ Award that recognized her amazing achievements as a child actress within the film industry.

Jane Withers’ Filmography

Here’s a list of films that Jane was once starred throughout his acting career:

  • 1932: Handle with Care
  • 1933: Cavalcade, Zoo in Budapest
  • 1934: Tailspin Tommy, Imitation of Life, Kid Millions, It’s a Gift and Bright Eyes
  • 1935: The Good Fairy, Ginger, The Farmer Takes a Wife, Redheads on Parade, This Is the Life
  • 1936: Paddy O’Day, Gentle Julia, Little Miss Nobody, Pepper
  • 1937: The Holy Terror, Angel’s Holiday, Wild and Woolly, Can This Be Dixie?, 45 Fathers and Checkers
  • 1938: Rascals, Keep Smiling and Always in Trouble
  • 1939: The Arizona Wildcat, Boy Friend, Chicken Wagon Family and Pack Up Your Troubles
  • 1940: High School, Shooting High, The Girl from Avenue A and Youth Will Be Served
  • 1941: Golden Hoofs, Her First Beau, A Very Young Lady, Small Town Deb
  • 1942: Young America, The Mad Martindales and Johnny Doughboy
  • 1943: The North Star
  • 1944: My Best Gal and Faces in the Fog
  • 1946: Affairs of Geraldine
  • 1947: Danger Street
  • 1956: Giant
  • 1958: The Heart Is a Rebel
  • 1961: The Right Approach
  • 1963: Captain Newman, M.D.
  • 1996: The Hunchback of Notre Dame
  • 2002: The Hunchback of Notre Dame II

Jane Withers’ Life

Jane was the only daughter of Lavinia Ruth Withers and Walter Edward Withers. She was born on April 12, 1926 in Atlanta, Georgia. Her parents enrolled Jane in a tap dance school, but she also learnt to sing. Jane then launched her entertainment when she was three years old, once winning Dixie’s Dainty Dewdrop, a local amateur contest.

Jane also appeared in a Saturday-morning children’s program broadcard on WGST radio in Atlanta where she sang, danced and performed impressions of film stars including Greta Garbo, Fanny Brice, Maurice Chevalier, Eddie Cantor, ZaSu Pitts, and W. C. Fields.

Jane and her mother moved to Hollywood in the 1930’s in which she played bit parts in a number of films and worked as a child model during 1932 and 1933.

Jane married William in 1947. They had three children, Wendy, Willian and Randy. Unfortunately, their marriage was not a happy one and they divorced after only six years of marriage. Then, she married Kenneth Errair and the couple had two children together, Ken and Kendall Jane.

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