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You are probably one of Institute for Open Learning (IOL) students. If yes, then coming to this site and deciding to read this article is a good thing. In this article, we are going to inform you several things about IOL Student Portal.

The first thing that you have to know is how to access Student Portal of IOL. You can access it through two ways. First, you can access it through the Student Portal menu that you can find at the top of the IOL homepage. In that homepage, there are some menu such as Accreditation, Qualification, Resources, IOLVTC, Student Portal, Forms and Contact.

If you want to access Student Portal, click on the Student Portal and then you will be brought to a Student Portal page. Besides this way, there is another way to access Student Portal. In the center of the IOL homepage, there are some blue boxes including News & Time Tables, Student Log In, Alumni, and Finance. Look at the Student Log In box and you will find some menu such as Student Portal, Office 365, and Skill Soft App. Click on Student Portal and you will go to the page of Student Portal as well. Now, if you are on the page of Student Portal, you are able to click on Log In which is available in the top right of the page. Then, there will appear a pop up window which contains of username and password fields. You have to enter your username and password in those fields.

After entering those fields, do not forget to click on Login button. In the homepage of Student Portal, you are also able to apply for course registration. To do that, you need to click on the link which says “Apply for Course Registration”. By clicking that, there will appear the a form that you need to fill in which includes personal details, contact details, address details, employer details and course information. After filling in those fields, do not forget to hit the Submit Information button.

Do you forget your password? If it happens to you, you can click on the link which says “Forgot Password?” in the left side of the Student Portal page. Then, there will appear a search box that you have to enter with your username and then press the Search button so that you can retrieve your forgotten password.

You have to note that you need to include your real names and student number or ID number when you request for help from IOL. Why? It is because it will make it easier for the IOL staff to render assistance when these details are included. If you need a help or you have any questions, you are able to contact the staff of IOL by clicking the Contact Us menu in the left side of the Student Portal page. There is a phone number that you can call +264 (0) 61-270-9100. You can also send them an email at

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