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If you ever watched the ‘Beverly Hills’ series, you may be familiar with a great cast named Ian Ziering. Yeah… He is an American actor, voice actor and also producer who was born on March 30, 1964. He has appeared in numerous movies and TV-Shows which led him as one of the most popular actors in the world.

Ian had already found his way to Hollywood, after completing his graduation at West Orange High School. Considering his riveting career, certainly many fans are wondering how much he makes money through his acting career. So, let’s find out Ian’s net worth and his career journey in our post below!

Ian Ziering Net Worth

Ian Ziering’s Net Worth

As of 2021, Celebrity Net Worth reported Ian Ziering’s net worth is roughly $5 million. His income mostly comes from his acting career, as he has appeared in a lot of popular films and TV shows. Thanks to his amazing action and voice acting skills, Ian eventually became rich and his many films always have added up a huge net worth for him.

What makes Ian very successful are because of his abilities to star, direct and produce in numerous productions. By 1990, once defeating some actors in the audition process, he landed the role of Steve Sanders in the Fox teen drama ‘Beverl Hills 90210’.

Unfortunately, we cannot share to you about his personal assets, as there’s not much information about it. However, he reportedly owns a luxurious house in Newark, which is also his residential house.

Ian Ziering’s Early Career

For almost three decades, Ian landed numerous roles in a lot of hit films and also TV shows. Certainly, almost all his movies grossed huge ratings as well. He was an outsider in the glamour world, but his incredible talent made his way to Hollywood.

Ian started his career on a big screen in a TV commercial at a very young age. Since then, Ian  regularly appeared in advertisements and commercials. Finally, he grossed the lead roles in numerous soap operas and stage plays the Guiding Light. Unfortunately, Ian has not yet gained much popularity, unlike other child celebrities.

Ian’s fortune came in 1990 when he gained a major role in the TV series ‘Beverly Hills 19210’. Later, Ian built himself as an actor. During the 1980s, he had already made his film debut, however it could not get any recognition.

Luckily, the TV series Beverly Hills 19210 assisted him to create a comeback in the movies again. Over his entire acting career, Ian has starred in numerous films, however he’s mainly a TV actor. Well, some of Ian’s most significant TV shows are Biker Mice from Mars, Batman Beyond, Mighty Ducks and Son of the Beach.

Ian Ziering’s Professional Career

Ian Ziering’s Professional Career

As a throwback, once he defeated multiple actors in the process of audition, Ian gained a role as Steve Sanders in the Fox teen drama named Beverly Hills, 90210, as of 1990. He first appeared in the series pilot which aired on October 4, 1990.

Ian remained on the show for the following decade, while his last appearance was on May 17, 2000 as the final episode. Aside from being one of the only two characters to appear on the show, he definitely gained more than $5 million in total from his role.

By 1998, Ian had a role as the voice of Dr. Niko ‘Nick’ Tatopoulos in Godzilla: The Series. In this series, he replaced Matthew Broderick. Ian starred, directed and produced the short film Man vs. Monday that finally won the Audience Choice Award at the 2006 Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

In the same year, Ian also won the Best Actor Award at the 2006 Monaco Film Festival. He also has appeared in the TV series JAG, The Doctors, Guiding Light and What I Like About You.

Ian has also appeared on Season 4 of Dancing with the Stars in 2007. His professional dance partner was Cheryl Burke. He then made it to the semi-finals and gained a perfect bonus from the judges for one of his two dances in the round.

As of June 18, 2007, Ian was reported by Variety that he had auditioned the previous week for the chance to succeed Bob Barker as the host of The Price Is Right. In May, 2013, at the Rio All Suite Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Ian performed with Chippendales as a celebrity guest star for 4 weeks

Ian then appeared on the Celebrity Apprentice on NBC in 2015. He also competed on Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition in 2018. Then, in 2019, Ian had a role as superhero, Blue Devil, on the show  Swamp Thing, in the DC Universe streaming service. However, this show only ran for one season, though this show received positive response from critics and audience.

So, here’s a list of Ian’s movies:

  • 1981: Endless Love
  • 1995: Savate
  • 1995: No Way Back
  • 2005: Domino
  • 2005: Six Months Later
  • 2006: Stripped Down
  • 2006: Man vs. Monday
  • 2007: Tyrannosaurs Azteca
  • 2009: Step Seven
  • 2010: Hopelessly Devoted
  • 2011: The Legend of Awesomest Maximus
  • 2012: That’s My Boy
  • 2012: McKenna Shoots for the Stars
  • 2013: Disney’s Vehicle Movies
  • 2013: Snake & Mongoose
  • 2014: Christmas in Palm Springs
  • 2016: Killer Deal
  • 2017: F the Prom
  • 2019: Malibu Rescue

Here’s a list of some TV-shows of Ian Ziering:

  • 1981–1982: The Doctors
  • 1987: Guiding Light
  • 1988: ABC Afterschool Specials
  • 1990: CBS Schoolbreak Special, Married…with Children
  • 1990–2000: Beverly Hills, 90210
  • 1992: Melrose Place, The Legend of Prince Valiant, Parker Lewis Can’t Lose
  • 1994: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters
  • 1995: The Women of Spring Break
  • 1996: Subliminal Seduction
  • 1996–1997; Mighty Ducks
  • 1998: V.I.P.
  • 1998–1999: Hollywood Squares
  • 1998–2001: Godzilla: The Series
  • 1999: Love Boat: The Next Wave, Batman Beyond: The Movie and Batman Beyond
  • 2000: Twice in a Lifetime
  • 2001: Inside Schwartz, JAG, The Test
  • 2002: Son of the Beach, What I Like About You
  • 2003: Spider-Man
  • 2006–2007: Biker Mice from Mars
  • 2007: Side Order of Life
  • 2008: Your Mama Don’t Dance
  • 2009: The Christmas Hope
  • 2010: CSI: NY, Elopement
  • 2011: Happily Divorced
  • 2013: Sharknado
  • 2014: America’s Healthiest Heroes
  • 2015: Defiance
  • 2016: The Muppets.
  • 2017: Sharknado 5: Global Swarming
  • 2018: The Thundermans
  • 2019: Swamp Thing, Malibu Rescue, BH90210, Zombie Tidal Wave
  • 2020: The Order

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