How to Get Your Roblox Game on The Front Page

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In Roblox, we can not only play games  but also create games by using Roblox Studio. A lot of Roblox users try to create games in Roblox. If you are good at scripting, making game and all those stuff, you can try to create a game as well. You surely need to have an imagination which then you are able to make your imagination come true by making it in a game.

However, when you create a game, it is not easy to make your game popular and being on the front page. If you want your game to be played by a lot of people, putting your game in the front page is very important because it will give you a lot of benefits. It can help create your brand and most importantly, it will earn you a lot of free Robux. So, here we are going to give you some tips of how to get your game on the front page on Roblox 2018.

  • Idea. The most important thing of creating a game is an idea. You have to create a game which has been made. Try to think of something that will get the interest of people. I can be something that has to do with your favorite hobbies such as sports, music, constructions, etc.
  • Details. People like playing games that are detailed. So, take you time on the detailing and make as detailed but not too detailed, otherwise it may be very slow and laggy for the other players. Do not forget to make it visually stunning. When people see that you pay attention to details, they will like it.
  • Advertising. Advertising will get you to easy visit, but it will cost you Robux. You can use programs like, photoshop and others. Those programs have the tools that you need to make a great ads.
  • Scripting. You can started with the basic scripting tutorials and the move on to the expert tutorials when you have been capable enough. It is hard to do but it will help to be a good scripter even though it may take months to years of practice.
  • Naming Your Game. It is better if you give the name of your game after you finish it. Why? It is because if you give your game a name when you are not finished and someone see that, he will take your game idea to make his game and rush it a lot more to finish it before you.
  • Thumbnails and Video. This step is similar with making ad. Your thumbnail has to be detailed as well and to fill in the theme of your game. It is because that kind of thumbnails will be wanted to see by people. As with ads, you are able to see what other popular builder’s are creating for their videos and thumbnails as well. Video of crazyblox looks well produced and professional with a minimum of effort.

Well, that’s all some tips for you to make your game on the front page. So, you can try it and good luck!

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