How to Delete Bing Search History

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Sometimes, you want to remove your history on search engine. Actually, it purposes to keep your search by any damage. In fact, if we do not remove search history on search engine, it will be feared to get something damage for your business. Indeed, everyone will know what you was searching for anytime. So, it could be better for you to remove your search history on your search engine.

So as on Bing, as the large search engine, it can be something important for you to keep removing your daily history. However, if you leave your history on your search engine, it could be risk for you, especially if you are a person who dabbles on internet or web search at all. For that reason, why you should delete your history?

As Bing user, do you know how to remove Bing search history? Certainly, not everyone already knows about this way. By informing this way, we hope that can help them to get this learning. Need to know that Bing can store your search history to personalize your result. Then, removing your search history on your browser, it will not effect for your Bing search history. It could come from on your multiple devices as you use. So, you can remove your daily history if you want.

If you are searching something on your browser, certainly the search engine, not only Bing, it will store your result that you are searching of, along with cookies stored on your device. So, if you are not comfortable with this search history, there are some ways that you can do to delete your search history on Bing. Here we go!

Step 1: Because of your all search histories on Bing stored on Microsoft account, so, before you want to remove them, you have to sign in your Microsoft account privacy settings.

Step 2: After you get in, you will see your Microsoft account on your Privacy dashboard. Then, you can do by scrolling down to the “Search History” section. Then, click “View And Clear Search History” button.

Step 3: This button will open your activity history of your dashboard and keep the focus on your past search history. So, just click the “Clear History” link at the top right of your search if you passionate to yearn your history.

Step 4: After click the clear activity, you will be asked to confirm your recent action. So, if you want to delete your search history, you can continue by clicking the “Clear” button. Then, your all search history will be removed immediately.

Step 5: But, if you do not want to remove all search history on Bing, you must scroll down to see your search history, then, your search history will be showed individually.

Step 5: Under each individual search history, you will get notice two links: View Details and Delete”.

Step 6: Then, you have to choose “Delete” to get a rid of your search result.

Step 7: Finally, to delete your Bing search history on your browser is totally done.

Keep remembering if you do want to clear your search history on Bing daily, actually you can choose private windows. So, your search result will not be stored on your browser. Good Luck!

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