How Much is My Roblox Account Worth

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Do you play games on Roblox? If the answer to the question is yes, you might want to read this entire article. As one of the players, you may want to know your Roblox inventory worth. So, how much is your Roblox account worth?

Checking how much is your Roblox account worth means checking for Roblox rap value. Apparently, there are some methods that you can use to check how much your Roblox account worth. As you have a lot of options, it is your turn to choose which one you want to use.

To check how much your Roblox account is worth, there is a thing called the level calculator on Roblox which is also known as Roblox net worth calculator. This kind of thing allows the user to input some statistics about themselves. Then, it will give the user a level. Apparently, the level itself depends on the values they gave. Generally, a user is able to calculate the level with a level calculator and then put that level on the profile.

There are a plenty options of a level calculator. The most well-known one at the moment is called Clockwork’s Calculator. Why is it the most well-known one? What makes it so popular? Some users think that is one is good, simple, and accurate. Clockwork’s Calculator is a kind of a level calculator that based on miked’s BC formula. What is this? You can find it more at the following paragraph. Basically, it will as the user to give the number of the place visits, months played, profile views, friends, Kos, wipeouts, and forum posts. Where can you find this one? this kind of calculator can be found in the official website of Roblox HQ.

Aside from Roblox account calculator, another option is the BC formula contest. In the year of 2007, June for the exact, the staff of Roblox invited some users of Roblox to suggest formulas that can be used to calculate the worth of a user. Then, the staff of Roblox would pick one of the formulas to award BC to the particular team of users to test the new feature. Apparently, the winner of the contest is known as “miked”. The formula he use is able to calculate the level of the user by taking various inputs, giving the certain importance to each, and the returning the level from 1 to 99. Do you want to know the BC formula of “milked”? Here it is:


For your information, p is the number of place visits, m is the number of months played, f is the number of friends, k is the number of knockouts, w is the number of wipeouts, and r is the number of Robux. If you face any difficulties or have any questions related to check how much is your Roblox account worth, you can lurk into the online communities of Roblox. The members of those communities will help you gladly so you do not have to worry.

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