How Do You Sell Stuff on Roblox

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As we all know that in Roblox, we cannot only play games but also we can do the other things like selling and buying items, communicating with other players, creating games and items and many others. Talk about selling item, it is one of the awesome things to do because you can earn Robux from this activity. But maybe some of you do not know how to sell the stuff and even some of you wonder how to sell items on Roblox without BC. Well, by visiting this site, it is your good choice because we are going to inform you about that.

For now, the one who can participate in private selling is the members of BC, TBC, and OBC. Furthermore, as with trading, only items which are marked as Limited or Limited U are able to be sold. If an item is limited or limited U, you will see an icon which declares it as such underneath the item’s picture when you view its details page or when browsing the catalog. If you meet those requirements, you can sell an item by going to its detail page and then click the three dots above the box which contains the price and Buy Now buttons. After that, choose Sell in the menu that displays. Then, you will be given a box that lets you set your price.

Sell Stuff on Roblox
So, it seems you have to be the member of Builder’s Club first to be able to sell stuff. If you want to be the member of BC, you need to log in to your free account on Roblox homepage. Then, click on Builder’s Club in the upper toolbar. You can resell your items with either upgraded BC membership. For your information, the membership of Builder’s Club is about $11.95 per month ( as of July 2011) and you can buy it monthly, semi-annual, annual and lifetime plans. So, that’s all how to sell limited items on Roblox. You have to note that you do not need to be the member of Builder’s Club if you want to buy a limited or unique item. However, only the members of Builders club can resell them. The members of Builder’s Club also have the choices to make their own unique avatar items and sell them for any sale price. From this explanation, we can conclude that there are a lot of advantages of having BC membership. So, if you have not bought it, it is better to buy it now so that you can get those advantages.

Well, that’s all the information about selling stuff on Roblox. If someone asks you how to sell stuff on Roblox without builders club, tell him that he cannot. If you are still confused how to sell stuff on Roblox, you can watch the tutorial of it on Youtube. There, you can find a lot of videos that will show you how to sell stuff on Roblox and you might be easier to follow if it is presented in the form of video. Finally, thank you for reading.

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