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It is important for students of Herzing University to know how to access Student Portal. It is because through Student Portal, students are able to manage anything such as view grades, check schedules, and more. Everytime you want to do that, you need to login to your account.

To be able to access your account at Herzing University website is very easy. The very first thing that you have to do is to visit the official website of Herzing University at www.herzing.edu. In that website, you are able to find a lot of information related to Herzing University such as programs, campus, admissions, tuition and financial aid and many others. When you are in the website, you can find Current Students which is available in the upper left side of the screen.

Click that and you will go to a page containing some menu such as Student Portal, Academic Calendar, Academic Catalog, Bookstore, Herzing Blog, Payment Center, Student Records, and Transcript Request. Click Student Portal to login. Now, you are in the login page. You will not be able to access your academic calender, payments and others without logging in. To login, you have to enter your username and password in that login page. After entering your username and password, hit the Login button. Forgetting password is possible. If it happens to you, then you are able to press “Forgot Password?” button next to Login button.

By pressing that, there will be a pop up window containing a field which you have to enter with your username. If you are still facing some problems when you login, you are able to contact the off-hours support which is available at 1-866-508-0748 x 10000, option 2 or you are also able to contact them via email at it-support@herzing.edu during regular business hours.

Besides Student Portal, Academic Calendar is one of menu that you can find in Current Students menu. By accessing this menu, you are able to know the schedule of academic activities. But the calendar at some Herzing University campuses may very, so you can check with your local campus. Then, you can also find Academic Catalog menu. Bookstore menu is also available which give information about resources that you need for your courses.

There is also Herzing Blog menu. In this menu, you are able to find campus & community, career development, college tips, and student stories. Payment Center menu enables you to know the billing and payment info. Student Records enables you to know your academic record. Then, Transcript Request menu enables you to request your transcript. When you access transcript, you have to know that official transcript are processed through Parchment Exchange and it can be sent electronically or by mail. You can also get unofficial transcript. You are able to view, save and print your unofficial transcript by logging in to your Student Portal. Then, you have to click on Grades and Schedule. After that, click on Academics that you can find in the left column and choose Degree Audit. You can find the link to Unofficial Transcript under Reports.

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