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Information about HELB especially about how to access Student Portal for the customers is important. Because in the Student Portal, you are able to login to your account so that you are able to manage your loan. If you want to know how to access Student Portal at HELB, continue reading this.

If you are new in HELB, you must be still strange with this. HELB is abbreviation for Higher Education Loans Board and it is a state owned corporation built in 1995. Now, it has grown to be the leading financiers of higher education in Kenya. This corporation will source funds and lend you as affordable loans, bursaries and scholarship to students pursuing higher education in recognized institution. This has been done by them for the past 2 and a half decades. HELB understands that education can be quite expensive but with the student loan of HELB, there is a smarter way that can finance your studies. They will empower you with lower capped repayments while you study and flexible repayment modes after you catch your big break in the career of your choice.

In the website of HELB, there is Student Portal menu. This will give you instant access to a wealth of resources at HELB. The system is easy to use so you do not need to worry about how to use it. When you register and then login, you will be able to access to everything from loan application to allocation and disbursement status. This student portal can be accessed by any registered or existing students and they can access it for free and unlimited.

Now, how to access your account in HELB? The first thing that you have to do is to visit the official website of HELB at www.helb.co.ke. In that site, you need to find Student Portal menu and it can be found in the top of the homepage in the row of menu which consist of Student Portal, Loanees Portal, Employer Portal, Institution’s Portal, and Staff Login. Click on Student Portal. Then, scroll and you will find link which say “Create an account” or “Login” and you have to choose “Login”. By clicking that, you will go to a login page.

In the login page, you can login by entering your email address and your password. Then, press the green Login button. If suddenly you forget the password, you are able to hit “Forgot password?” link under Login button and then you will be required to enter your email address and click Reset button. If you cannot login even though you have entered the right email address and password, click on “Unable to login?” link. By clicking that, you will be directed to the account recovery page in which you will enter your ID number or email and also the corresponding value. Then, click on Search Account. If you have recovered your account, then you can try to sign in again by clicking on Sign In that you can find in the right bottom corner.

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