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Guilford Technical Community College which is also known as GTCC in short is the name of the public community college. This college is located in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, the United Stated. Aside from that one in North Carolina, this college also has a campus in Jamestown and High Point.

Just like most prestigious colleges, Guilford Technical Community College has the high-class technology system to support every student of the college. Some of the modern technology systems are Help Desk, WebAdvisor, Blackboard, Student Email, Technology Center, Tutorials & Self Help, Pay to Print, Emergency Alerts, and more. In this article, you are going to get to know more about Webadvisor GTCC. What is the term? Have you ever heard about it?

GTCC WebAdvisor is the web interface. This system allows every student, every faculty, and every staff of Guilford Technical Community College to access the information that contained in Colleague which is the database used by GTCC. Then, how do you access GTCC WebAdvisor?

Apparently, the current students of GTCC are able to access GTCC WebAdvisor after registering and paying for the first class. For the new students, you may access the Titan account after the classes start without having to do GTCC Webadvisor login. However, it just just available to access the Search for Classes function. This one is located on the WebAdvisor tab and menu on the left. If you are not familiar with Titan account and do not have one, you can click “Activate My Account or Security Question Enrollment”. As for those the current or returning users who forgot the password or need to unlock the account, you can enroll the security questions. To set it up and you already know the password, please click “Activate My Account or Security Question Enrollment”. If you do not remember the password and need an assistance, please contact the Service Desk at 1 866 826 3748.

What hours is GTCC WebAdvisor available? This kind of WebAdvisor is available 7 days a week. However, there is the possibility that the site might down for maintenance in the following days and times such as on Monday (3AM to 6AM), on Tuesday (3AM to 6AM), on Wednesday (3AM to 6AM), on Thursday (3AM to 6AM and 8:30 PM to 12:30 AM), on Friday (3AM to 6AM), on Saturday (midnight to 6AM), on Sunday (midnight to 6AM).

If you face any difficulties or have any questions, the easiest thing you can do is to visit the official website of GTCC WebAdvisor. There are a lot of information on the official website that you can find. If you want to talk directly to the Help Desk, please call at 336 334 4822. Another alternative is to send a mail to the address of GTCC which is Guilford Technical Community College GTCC 601 E. Main Street P.O. Box 309 Jamestwon NC 27282. Please do not be hesitated to ask the Help Desk as they will help you gladly anytime and anywhere.

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