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Do you have a trouble on getting help file explorer in Windows 10? Have you found the solution to fix the trouble? Or are you here to look for the solution? If it is true, definitely you have to keep staying on this page to get the way of fixing your trouble.

As we know that File Explorer can be one of the storage media in PC that contains much data. Actually, it is so crucial for us to store lots of important data. However, File Explorer can be called as a file manager application appeared since Windows 95. Not only on the system partition, the library and the properties, the file manager is also presented on the screen such as desktop and Taskbar. So, you can be easy to access it if you need it.

Talking about File Explorer on Windows 10, you have to know that Windows 10 no longer has built getting help for File Explorer, as Windows 7 has released. Unfortunately, many Windows users do not know how to use and operate File Explorer on Windows 10. It is because some features of File Explorer on Windows are different from Windows 7. If you want to follow this change, definitely you have to explore the File Explorer on Windows 10.

In the text below, there are some troubles that you may find while accessing the File Explorer on Windows 10. The troubles exactly can vary, so you need to know to fix the trouble in order to get File Explorer easily.

How to Access File Explorer on Windows 10

There are some ways that you have to follow in accessing File Explorer, they are:

  • From PC. You can find File Explorer on PC by double-clicking an icon named This PC. Immediately, the File Eplorer will appear.
  • From Cortana. Certainly, every Windows 10 comes with the Cortana intelligent assistance. You can find the File Explorer by typing it in the Cortana Search Box, the you can find it. In this way, you are able to pin the File Explorer to the start menu or taskbar.
  • From Taskbar. If you have set the File explorer to the taskbar, absolutely it is so handy way. You just look for the File Explorer icon, then click it to open the file.
  • From Start Menu. You can click the Windows Start Menu, certainly you can get it easily.
  • From Shortcut Key. You are able to press the Windows logo key and E together, so the File Explorer will appear soon.
  • From Power User Task Menu. You can press the Windows logo key and X together to get the Power User Menu. The File Explorer should be there.

File Explorer Windows 10 Is Not Working

  • Using CMD to Fix File Explorer Crash

Step 1: Firstly, you can press Windows key and X together to lauch the power user menu. Then, select Command Prompt (Admin) option from the list of choice. If it doesn’t exist, you can find it in the Cortana Search Box.

Step 2: You have to type netsh and hit Enter in the command line window. Then, type winstock reset and hit Enter.

Step 3: You must restart your PC and check if the issues have been fixed.

  • Uninstall Update

Step 1: You have to follow the path: Start button -> Settings -> Update & Security. Select Windows Update on the left pane and choose view Update Story on the right pane.

Step 2: Then, click uninstall updates. If there is an update item named KB3081448 or KB3081449. Actually, you must choose Uninstall.

Step 3: Final step, you have to restart your PC, then check the File Explorer out to see the trouble has been resolved or not.

Well, those are the way that you have to do of getting help file explorer in Windows 10. Good Luck!

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