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Are you looking for the general knowledge Trivia with answer on this page? Have you ever used the Trivia tool to search some questions and answer for the study? If it is true, actually you have to keep staying by scrolling this page down.

As we have described in the other article on this page, Trivia can be called as a helpful tool for many people, especially for students. In Trivia, there are tons of questions and answers which are involved in some categories. Definitely, those categories are included into the important knowledge in our daily life. Those are Science, Geography, History, Entertainment, Arts, and also General. So, you are exactly not wrong if you choose this tool to look for some knowledge as you need.

In this tool, you can get the knowledge by looking for the questions and answers randomly. You have to visit Trivia site on In this site, you can generate the questions as you want by choosing the round and the amount of the questions based on the categories. After that, the questions and the answers will appear soon. But, you have to pay attention in which this tool gives you the questions randomly. As we know that most of tools give the knowledge in general, but in Trivia, you can select the category as you want to look for.

If you do not use this tool yet, here, we will share some of general knowledge questions on Trivia with answer as the sample. Well, if you want to get the questions and the answers for detail, you do not hesitate to visit the official Trivia site that we have mentioned above.


  • Q: What is the middle part of an atom called? Nucleus
  • Q: What did the “Manhattan” project set out to develop? Atomic Bomb
  • Q: Who Invented The First Self Lighting Match? John Walker In 1827
  • Q: With Which Animals Do You Associate The Disease Myxomatosis? Rabbits 
  • Q: What Is An Analgesic? Pain Killer


  • Q: Which fictional land was used to describe John F. Kennedy’s term as president? Camelot
  • Q: Julius Caesar and Napoleon were said to have suffered from what? Epilepsy
  • Q: What was The Eldest Son Of Edward III Better Known As? The Black Prince 
  • Q: Which City Did The Allies Liberate On August 25th 1944? Paris 
  • Q: Which comedy trio made a ‘Daft Noise For Christmas”? The Goodies 


  • Q: What state is nicknamed the “Silver State”? Nevada
  • Q: What South American country is home to Atacama Desert? Chile
  • Q: Lome is the capital of ······? Togo
  • Q: Where is the Sears Tower? Chicago
  • Q: Which Is The 2nd Largest Country In The World? Canada 


  • Q: Thomas Edison demonstrated the electric light for the first time in what year? In 1879
  • Q: The average person spends 8 years of their life doing what? Being ill
  • Q: What Latin word means elsewhere? Alibi
  • Q: In Greek mythology, who was oedipus’ mother? Jocasta
  • Q: Long green fleshy fruit used in salads? Cucumber


  • Q: What is Dorothy’s last name in “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz”? Gale
  • Q: Who wrote the Christmas novel Tidings in 1987? William Wharton
  • Q: In the Opera, what kind of factory did Carmen Work in? Tobacco
  • Q: What author which has imaged the character of Dr. Kay Scarpetta? Particia Cornwell
  • Q: What is non-ryhming poetry called? Blank Verse


  • Q: Which city was the setting for the TV show “Room 222”? Los Angeles
  • Q: Kat Dennings and Beth Behrs play the lead roles in what CBS TV show? Two Broke Girls
  • Q: Who released the song “Fly Away” at the end of 1998? Lenny Kravitz
  • Q: Who played the role of TV’s D.J. Conner? Michael Fishman
  • Q: What artist received the most Grammy Awards in 2016? Kendrick Lamar

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